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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

Part of running a business means staying up to date with all the latest industry news and marketing trends, so you can stand out from the crowd.

This week, we’ve collected 5 articles to provide you with important updates - so you can take your business to the top!

7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Marketing

Did you know that Google Trends is one of the only search tools that provides users with insights into Google Search Data? This article covers seven tips that will help your harness this knowledge and apply it to your own keyword strategy.

These tips include using Google Trends to segment your data and compare keywords more effectively, comparing keywords by time to discover audience insights, looking at related topics and queries, paying attention to short and long-term trends, separating keywords by category and geography, and discovering searcher intents with categories. Interested in learning more about it? Click the link above.

Internal Documents Show Facebook Usage Among Users in Steep Decline 

Knowing which Social Media platforms to reach your audience on is essential to getting your message, service, or products noticed. This is why it’s important to pay attention to audience trends. For example, it has recently come to light that Facebook usage amongst younger audiences (teenagers and young adults) is in a steep decline.

A lot of the time (especially if you’re just starting to build a Social Media strategy) brands and businesses assume being on more platforms is better; which makes sense in theory. However, trying to be on every platform at once can stretch your time and resources thin. Instead, conduct audience analysis and create a persona. Does your audience really spend that much time on a platform like Facebook? If the honest answer is no, then channel your efforts into a platform they actually use. This will lead to more engagement, leads, and sales.

In People We Trust: Here’s How to Make Your Content More Human 

Marketing is an interesting balance of tracking metrics and analyzing numbers, as well as tapping into human psychology. Content marketing can be a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, and make them feel like more than a number. This article provides some helpful tips on how to do so.

Building a healthy and trusting relationship takes time. People may be skeptical of your product or service if they’ve never come actress it before. Providing them with accurate and educational information can help ease their minds a little. Other tips include putting your own spin on memes or popular trends, using storytelling, and showing behind-the-scenes content. Read more in the article linked above.

10 Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Instagram is the most frequently used social media app. If your brand is on Instagram, then listen up! It can take a lot of time and effort to build an audience and following. This article covers some best practices to gain visibility, followers, and drive engagement.

This includes maintaining a feed of high-quality visuals, keeping up to date on platform changes, paying attention to audience wants, finding out the best time to post, telling visual stories, using hashtags, etc. Make sure to use Instagram’s helpful insights tool to keep track of audience and customer insights and make adjustments to your strategy as needed. Interested in learning more tips? Click the link above.

4 Big Reasons Why Remarketing Is Essential to Successful E-commerce

Remarketing or retargeting is an underrated marketing tool that too often gets overlooked. If you’ve been overlooking this tactic, here are four reasons why you might want to consider incorporating it into your strategy.

Consistent customers mean consistent revenue. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with people that have already shopped with you before will lead to more loyal customers that you can rely on. Existing customers are also more likely to spend more and try new products and services from your brand/business. Also, not every lead is going to become a customer the first time they visit your website. Giving them a gentle nudge or reminder that you exist could be what they need to commit to purchasing next time. Lastly, returning customers behave differently than new customers as they are more trusting. Interesting in learning more about the power of remarketing? Click the link above.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! This week we took a look at 5 helpful and interesting updates from the world of internet marketing that will hopefully help you out or inspire you in different ways.

To do a quick review, first, we reviewed seven ways to use Google Trends for SEO and Content Marketing purposes. We then moved on to explore Facebook’s recent news of a decline in younger audiences.

Next, we learned some tips and tricks to make your content more human by using content marketing to connect with your audience. We followed this with ten best practices to build your audience on Instagram. Lastly, we dove into the world of remarketing and discovered why this tool can help your E-commerce business.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? We’d love to hear your feedback. As always, we’ll be back next week with 5 new articles for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking to learn more please check out our existing blogs that cover a range of digital marketing topics!

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