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Happy Tuesday everyone!

We've got some more news and updates to share with you to help you grow your marketing knowledge!

First off, we're going to take you through some useful updates that will help you grow your business on the internet. We're also going to see that Google is adding new listing details to streamline in-store purchases. We'll then look at how Google is boosting visibility of 'nearby' product inventory with their new shopping features that will improve many local business sales. After that, we'll look at Google custom audience, which is a combination of both custom affinity and custom intent audience.

We'll also look at an article on how to leverage seasonal shopping trends and insights for retail success. Finally, we'll see 6 steps to drive growth in healthcare marketing.

Let's dive right in!

Google Adds New Listing Details to Streamline In-Store Purchases

Google Listing Details

Many retail outlets were adversely affected by the physical distancing requirements implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19. This means that many customers are now shifting to eCommerce and online shopping options to avoid unnecessary exposure!

But some items you will likely still need to buy in-store, and in those cases, a lot of people will want to spend little time shopping. This is why Google added new listing options on local searches back in May. It helps customers arrange their required items without actually having to go into the business.

Now, Google has added some new listing options that will specify listings of available items in your stores and more information on the opening times and delivery options. All these options are available in your GMB settings. With shopping habits changing, it's crucial to ensure your info is up to date. Read the article to learn more!

Google is Boosting Visibility of 'Nearby' Product Inventory with New Shopping Features

Google Shopping

As we know, customer behaviour is changing rapidly, and businesses need to adapt to these changes. Google is helping local businesses boost their sales with new shopping features. This will help to expand the visibility of nearby product inventory.

On Wednesday, Google announced that it would make nearby product inventory more visible with a few updated shopping UI features:

  • A noticeable "nearby" filter under the Shopping tab
  • New local stores card
  • Greater visibility for Curbside and In-Store Pickup Labels

So how are nearby filter and local store cards going to help local businesses?

Usually, when users conduct a product search, they get to see the traditional search results. But, if they click over to the Shopping tab, they'll get to see a "nearby" filter that will display retail locations with the in-store inventory. Shoppers won't have to use other local modifiers to trigger nearby Shopping filter.

Learn more about these efforts made by Google to make local inventory more prominent from the article!

Google Custom Audiences, the Combo of Custom Affinity and Custom Intent Audiences, is Now Live

Google custom audience

Last year, Google had said about combining custom affinity and custom-intended audiences under a custom audience option. Custome audiences are now live on Google Ads for Display, Gmail, Discovery, and YouTube campaigns. This means you will no longer have to create custom affinity or intent users. Now, when you set up a new custom audience from the Custom Audience tab, you'll get the option of building it based on either people with any purchase intentions or people who searched for any of the items on Google properties.

If you have any existing custom intent or custom affinity audiences, they will automatically migrate into custom audiences. Custom audiences will give you more flexibility and accuracy with your targeting and automatically choose the right audience based on their inputs.

How to Leverage Seasonal Shopping Trends & Insights for Retail Success

Seasonal Shopping: How to Use Market Insights & Intent Modeling

Retail marketers should leverage historical trends and real-time insights to create intent-based content. In this article, Lemuel Park tells us how to approach a successful seasonal campaign. Seasonal shopping trends can potentially drive revenue. But just how much revenue?

Well, it all depends on how your organization is leveraging the power of marketing trends, historical trends, and real-time insights. Further, if you can use this data-driven approach, it will help you model search intent at each point of the customer journey and across various channels.

With the pandemic changing retail shoppers' customer behaviour online, there's no better time to utilize market insights, understand customers, market behaviour and search insights to drive traffic. Above all, well-optimized content is vital. Check out the article to discover the steps needed to leverage seasonal shopping trends and insights for retail success!

Measuring Healthcare Marketing's Worth: 6 Steps to Drive Growth

Female pharmacist putting bottles on shelf

Today, we see a lot of healthcare marketers drowning in data that demonstrates the power of marketing to build a brand, generate leads, increase engagements, and boost revenue. But even with all this data, marketers are struggling to prove their value and demonstrate ROI.

What seemed difficult before the pandemic is even more challenging today, with many businesses change their needs and priorities at an unprecedented rate. However, businesses will always evolve, and leaders will look to the brands they trust for guidance. Read the article to discover how LinkedIn can help healthcare marketers with 6 steps to grow and demonstrate ROI in a post- COVID world!

Wrapping Up!

We've seen some beneficial updates and news to help you stay updated and on top of the marketing game. From looking at the new listing details added by Google to streamlining in-store purchases to Google boosting visibility of nearby product inventory, a lot is happening. As well, we saw Google custom audiences going live. We also came across an article on how to leverage seasonal shopping trends and insights for retail success.

Finally, we looked at how LinkedIn can aid healthcare marketers to grow their ROI in a post-COVID world!

If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends and news from the world of internet marketing, take a look at our latest blogs and stay safe!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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