This Week: Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and More!

This Week In Internet Marketing

Since the digital marketing industry is ever-evolving, it is essential to keep your strategies in line with the latest developments and updates.

We've collected the top 5 updates from the past week of internet marketing to help keep you informed. Read on to learn more!

Google Grows Shopify Partnership, Adds Ways to Shop From Images


Google is expanding its partnership with Shopify in a bid to help merchants get their products listed in just a matter of clicks. This expansion will allow more stores to be discovered online through Google Search, Shopping, Google Images, YouTube and more.

Google has also added a new feature that will allow users to search for products by uploading screenshots to Google Photos. Since users  already often take screenshots of products they like, with this new feature, they will be able to locate stores that sell similar products as those in their screenshots. This update will increase online sales as customers will be able to find their products more easily.

LinkedIn Shares New Insights Into Evolving Market Shifts as a Result of COVID-19


COVID-19 has had many effects on the worldwide market, and understanding these shifts is crucial to keeping your business performing well.

In response to the changing global market, LinkedIn has released a report analyzing the responses of 400 buyers and 400 sales people and managers, and has highlighted 7 key trends that intimately reveal the market's recent transformation.

In particular, the report illustrates the recent worldwide focus on remote work and how brands are adapting their work processes to accommodate this new normal. It also highlights the major changes in sales processes, and buyers' and sellers' differing expectations of them.

You can download LinkedIn's full 'State of Sales 2021' report for the US and Canada here.

Persuasive Ads on Instagram: Writing to Sell


Want to make more sales through Instagram? Paid ads are absolutely essential.

To ensure that your ads are effective in getting the most conversions possible, your copy needs to be as perfect as your videos or images. This blog from the Social Media Examiner will help you understand how to draft ad copy that can attract more customers to your products or services.

One tip for crafting effective Instagram ad copy is to make it personal: readers should feel like you have have the perfect solutions to their problems, and that you don't just want to sell to them. Storytelling is another way to create an emotional connection with your readers. With this strategy, it's possible to use lengthier, more detailed copy, but it's important to keep it interesting - you don't want to bore your readers!

Click the article linked above to learn more about crafting effective Instagram Ad copy.

4 Ways YouTube Is Improving Creators’ Workflows


YouTube has announced 4 ways it is making the backend work of publishing a video more dynamic for creators.

The first update is that upload defaults can now be customized: while only one upload default was possible previously, creators can now customize many upload templates. Videos can also be uploaded to YouTube directly from Drive, a feature which will surely save many content creators a lot of time.

Read the blog above for more information on these new updates!

7 SEO Myths and Misconceptions That Refuse to Be Busted


As with other areas of digital marketing, there are many widely-held myths and misconceptions about SEO.

This article will discuss the following SEO myths in detail:

  1. Without backlinks pointing to your site, Google will never rank you:
  2. Duplicate content can sink your SEO performance
  3. Meta descriptions are important
  4. Using Google Ads boosts your SEO results
  5. Any backlinks can help your website
  6. New websites can’t rank as well as older, more established websites
  7. High bounce rate and low time on the page affect your search engine rankings

Take a look at the blog, and let us know in the comment section which myth surprised you the most.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you enjoyed reading about Google's newly expanding partnership with Shopify, how the market has shifted due to Covid, how to write impressive Instagram Ad copy, the ways YouTube is improving users' workflows, and the truth about some common SEO myths.

We will see you next week! Until then, stay updated with our blogs on internet marketing.



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