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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

As usual, there have been quite a lot of updates and developments  in the world of internet marketing this week, and we'd like to keep you up to date with these developments.

Today let's see what Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have updated and understand more about customer search behaviour and Google Ads Audit.

Google Tests Interactive Search Results

Google is exploring a new feature on search engine result pages, which is thought to improve website clicks on Google search pages.

The new feature being tested is the addition of interactive elements in SERPs that are small image-like icons adjacent to the website description. These interactive elements will hide and display images when clicked, improving the click-through rates.

The descriptive image will help the audience get an idea of the website content before clicking. The test is currently being executed on a small group of Google users, as well as a controlled group of users to compare how this new feature impacts click through rates.

If the feature comes into existence on SERPs, it will be useful for a website owner to utilize images that accurately depict what the audience can expect from the website.

LinkedIn Adds New 'Products' Tab 

It looks like businesses are now going to be able to experience the privileges of LinkedIn's newly launched products tab for business pages.

With this new feature, there will be dedicated space for businesses to showcase their products, key features, reviews, product endorsements, and testimonials from clients. With everything on one page, this will support businesses with lead generation and sales.

The best part is that LinkedIn will provide assurance to customers about the products showcased. All the links to the product reviews and testimonials are directed back to the brand's pages, making the offering more verifiable.

It's an exciting opportunity for businesses to have a platform to advertise their products online. There is a wide scope of promotional opportunities for a business to expand their reach among potential audiences.

Trend Analysis: How to Understand Your Audience's Search Behavior

Do you know your customers well? Do you know what they are searching for?

Being a small brand, all you want to do in this competitive market is to reach your customers.

Your customers are changing, their needs are changing, so it is essential to follow the changes in user search behaviour.

Understanding trend analysis will help you closely examine your audience's search behaviour, enabling you to respond to customer needs on time, make better use of the available opportunities, and foresee how your customers' search behaviour will change in the future, therefore planning your SEO accordingly.

This article from the Search Engine Journal gives a guide on executing a trend analysis that will help your SEO.

Facebook Adds AR Effects and 360 Backgrounds to the Desktop Version of Messenger

Celebrate this holiday season with Facebook's new AR effects, filters, and 360-degree background on their desktop messenger app. Unsurprisingly, Facebook saw a more than 100% increase in desktop messenger app use among the users during the pandemic to stay connected.

Audiences have been using these AR features on the mobile app for quite some time, but with the new update they can now experience these benefits on a larger screen. Users will now enjoy many new holiday-themed AR effects and sticker packs while using video calls through the desktop app.

This new update during this holiday season expects to see more audiences downloading the Facebook messenger app, giving us a hint of its possible marketing possibilities.

How to Complete a Google Ads Audit

With 5.5 billion daily average Google searches and access to over 2 million websites, businesses have to use Google Ads in order to stay relevant.

Advertising your brand is essential, and a well-employed Google Ads tool will help your business get good brand exposure, as well as more website traffic and sales.

To ensure your ad campaigns are getting the maximum return on investment, you need to make sure you recognize the right optimizations to help get your Google Ads on track.

It's important to audit your Google Ads account each month to reap its maximum benefits. TechWyse has a blog on how you can arrange this Google Ads Audit yourself to help set up Ads campaigns for success in the long run.

Wrapping Up!

We understand getting your brand online is tough, and we want to make this process easier for you. Fortunately, getting up-to-date with these updates will help your business in the long run!

Let's rewind what we saw today: Google is testing interactive elements will show images adjacent to the website description giving a visual summary to the audience about your content. Furthermore, your business can now use Linkedin's product tab with an added advantage of Linkedin's assurance to customers.

Facebook makes the holiday season even better with new AR effects and 360-degree background features on the Messenger desktop.

Now you also have an idea about trend analysis to identify customer search behaviour and steps to execute a Google Ads Audit for your business.

We will be back next week with more latest updates on Internet marketing. You can have a look at these blogs published by TechWyse to get more insights.


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