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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy first Tuesday of 2021!

We hope you had a fantastic holiday and welcome you back to this week in internet marketing. Today we have a lot to share with you that will help your business stay on top.

Let us have a look at the top 5 internet marketing updates for this week.

Google Adds Short-Form Video Carousel in Selected Search Results

Google’s testing a new carousel of short-form video results on its search engine result page to catch up with users’ growing interest in short-form video content. Once this is enabled, you would be able to view both TikTok and Instagram videos in a row in Google searches, and when tapped, the search engine will drive you to the web version of the social platform instead of the app.

This update benefits Google, as the users are more likely to remain on the search engine, as it will only take the user clicking on the back arrow to come back to the search page from the social platform after watching the video.

Wondering how this update will help you as a brand? Your video content will get the chance to be displayed on the first page of search results, driving in more traffic. You will get exposure, thereby increasing your brand awareness. Keeping an eye on this update is worthwhile.

Paid Media Marketing in 2021: 8 Changes Marketers Should Make

Organic marketing is definitely helpful, but you need to invest a lot of time in it to be successful. However, paid marketing can be one of the quickest ways to reach potential customers in 2021. Here are eight changes a marketer should make the reap the maximum benefits from paid marketing.

  1. Work on your Passing Ads to convert more leads.
  2. Make use of influencer marketing in 2021.
  3. Work on retargeting your audience and also earn new ones.
  4. Develop a set of funnels and landing pages.
  5. Make it easier with forecasting and allocating your marketing budget.
  6. Try the new Microsoft Advertising options along with Google Ads.
  7. Consider Google’s Target CPA bidding tool to cap your Cost-Per-Action on YouTube & DSP Networks.
  8. Why not make use of machine learning.

You can read more on these tips in this blog post, and incorporating these tips in your paid marketing plan will help your business grow.

Video: Joe Beccalori on the Importance of Blending SEO with Other Digital Marketing Tactics

Every business these days uses SEO or organic marketing, and organic marketing has become highly saturated in all business niches. Suppose your business needs to stand out with so much competition around, you must do something different. Have you thought about consolidating SEO with other digital marketing techniques?

Take a look at this video where Joe Beccalori, CEO of a well-established marketing company, explains some ways you can blend SEO with your other digital marketing elements. He recommends having an R&D team to understand digital marketing trends and work on bringing something different so that you, as a brand, do not fall behind your opponents.

6 Ways to Repurpose Content with Instagram’s Most Popular Features

Instagram has evolved so much that today it’s not just a platform for posting pictures. Even if your business doesn’t have a specific product that can be represented in the form of images, Instagram is a platform that should not be skipped.

People rely on Instagram for almost everything, and focusing your marketing on this platform will give you tremendous benefits. Today we will have a look at ways you can repurpose your content from other platforms on Instagram.

  1. Think about Instagram Carousels to share longer-form written content.
  2. Collect your content into a scrollable series using Instagram Guides.
  3. Resize your YouTube videos into IGTV formats.
  4. Share your Twitter tweets on Instagram using attractive backgrounds.
  5. Get multiple Instagram posts using Video teasers and clips.
  6. Repurpose your content on your Instagram Stories.

This year, make Instagram your preference and get more reach.

7 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends You Need in 2021

2020 was not an easy year, but TechWyse is here to help you and your business make 2021 much better.

In this blog post we look at 6 emerging and growing trends for 2021, as well as how your business can plan your marketing in this new year, staying relevant and top of mind for your audience.

In summary!

We hope these updates will help your business grow in 2021.

We are anticipating Google’s short-form videos to come up in SERPs, and we also know the changes that need to be made in 2021 to our paid marketing. We also saw a video on blending SEO with other digital marketing strategies.

We learnt how to repurpose your existing content to market on Instagram, and finally, we saw the top emerging digital marketing trends for 2021.

Do not forget to check out our blog posts to know more about digital marketing and let us know your queries in the comment section below.


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