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Online marketing has long been a useful tool for small businesses. Many businesses have been using online marketing for years, and there seems to be no end to what it can do for your business. 

With this in mind, let's look at the latest updates in this week of internet marketing.

Google Adds Business Messaging Options in Maps and Search 

Google has recently added messaging options in Search and Maps to make it easier for customers to get in touch with businesses to ask questions about their services and any other relevant information. This allows businesses to give quick answers to questions that might not be answered by the Business' Profile, and enables another form of connection with potential customers.

However, with this new feature comes the importance of maintaining adequate response times to these queries, as taking a long time to respond could be seen as a minus for many potential clients.

Additionally, Google will give more insight to Google My Business users into how people are finding your business, specifically what search queries are being used and how people are searching for you (i.e. via Google Maps or Search, or whether they found you from a mobile device or computer). These new tools can help you strategize your marketing efforts more efficiently, as you will know specifically who to target and how.

Google FAQ Provides Core Web Vitals Insights

Google recently created a FAQ on Core Web Vitals Insights, which present consolidated guidance for quality signs vital to achieving an excellent user experience on the web.

Working on optimizing your website for a more satisfying user experience is core to any website's long-term success on the internet. Whether you're a marketer, business owner or developer, Core Web Vitals can help you quantify your website's user experience and recognize possibilities to develop.

Core Web Vital looks into the following: How quick does your page load? Is your website interactive? Is it stable? So primarily it analyzes what a user's encounter is like on desktop or mobile based on speed, how quick can they engage with your website, or other similar specifications.

This article published by Search Engine Journal explains the detailed FAQ on Core Web Vital insights - like how CWV works, what it measures and what it doesn't, and the value for ranking purposes. Otherwise, you can directly look at this report from google support.

Facebook Launches New Website to Help Businesses Advance Their Social Impact

Most business owners or brands desire to create a positive social impact on the world, and to a certain extent, many companies are also practicing it. 

A recent global report by Accenture observed that consumers/customers are more inclined to buy products and services from a company when their brand objectives include positive involvement in social issues that matter to the customer. 

If you wish to align your business strategy with social impact and are wondering how and where to start, Facebook's newly launched website will help your business discover innovative ideas to address social needs.

This website also includes many tools and resources on how to hold a fundraising event and how your business can donate to a social cause. It also presents a wide variety of case studies of profitable brands that have positively impacted the world. 

Google Discovery ads can now use your 4:5 social image assets

Google Ads launched Discovery ads in 2019 and made them accessible globally. Discovery Ads is a visual ad format that appears across the Google Discover Feed (displayed on the Google app's home page or the homepage on mobile), Gmail, and YouTube home feed.

The ad looks and format vary based on which platform it displays on, but the main takeaway of discovery ads is that it concentrates on large visually-rich ad experiences.

Google published updates for Discovery ads on Tuesday. According to this update, Discovery ads now include two layouts to help you drive engagement with customers: the latest is the 4:5 portrait aspect ratio, which allows you to visually exhibit your products and services to be more noticeable among your customers as they scroll. At the same time, lead form extensions help your users share their details with you immediately from your ad in Gmail.

Early adopters of Discovery ads have noticed exceptional results-driving customer action, besides their existing media. 

If you have been driving media campaigns for social media or video platforms, you can use Discovery ads to make use of your richest creative assets and most engaging messages. For help creating your first campaigns, visit the Google Ads Help Center.

5 Important Reasons Your Business Needs a Landing Page

If you are a marketer and desire to generate more leads through your website, then having at least one landing page is unavoidable.

What are landing pages?

In simple words, a landing page is a page you land on after clicking a link. A landing page could be your home page, a service page, a blog post, a lead generation page.

In internet marketing, a landing page usually is a specially designed page to receive, sustain, and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. 

Here we have a blog post on the benefits of having a landing page for your business and how it helps get you leads.

If you require help creating your landing page, TechWyse is here to help. 

Wrapping Up

Those were the latest updates that can support to develop your knowledge in internet marketing.

We saw that Google recently added a new messaging opportunity in both Maps and Search, making it very easy for the users to reach the brands with their queries. Additionally, Google published a new FAQ on Core Web Vitals,  and Facebook's new website will help businesses take care of their social responsibility.

We also learned about the new features in Google's Discovery ads and how they help enrich customer visual experience. Lastly, we discussed the importance of landing pages and how they generate leads for businesses.

Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs, and stay safe!


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