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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

As you know, marketing your business online can be challenging - especially since there are always so many industry updates to stay on top of. Thankfully, we're here to help!

Today we have updates and tips from top social media platforms, the Bing webmaster tool, and how marketing automation can help your business.

Facebook Pages Redesigned: 5 New Features Added

Facebook Updates

2021 gave a new look to Facebook pages and introduced five new features to support brands and marketers.

One significant change is that audiences will now see only the number of followers a page has, instead of page likes. Additionally, users will now be able to see the details of who exactly runs the page.

Let's look at five more features that Facebook added:

  • Users will see a dedicated space for news feeds
  • Users will be able to switch quickly from their profile to their page
  • Improved page management tools will help admins delegate page tasks
  • Better page insights to help the brand understand their performance
  • Better safety with the ability to track hate speech or other inappropriate content

Twitter Provides Tips on Establishing Brand Voice via Tweets

Twitter gives tips on brand voice

If you are a brand or marketer, you know exactly why you should incorporate Twitter marketing into your overall strategy.

Twitter has helpfully provided some tips to establish your brand's voice via tweets, letting you have a smooth marketing experience on their platform. They also shared a few worksheets to expedite this process.

According to Twitter, the three pillars of brand voice are for it to be Concise, Clear, and Conversational.

These worksheets shared by Twitter can help your brand by:

  •  Fixing 'guardrails' for your tweets
  • Guiding your creation of a brand persona
  • Providing a way to practice tweets based on the learning of the above two points

Here is the Twitter worksheet for you to build your brand voice. Enjoy!

Bing Webmaster Tools adds crawl requests, crawl errors & indexed pages to performance report

Bing webmaster tools

Microsoft Bing has recently added new metrics on Webmaster's search performance report.

Crawl requests, crawl errors, and indexed page metrics will allow marketers to track performance efficiently with ease. With this update, all data will be in one place, and marketers can use it to understand how their websites perform in Microsoft Bing searches.

From now on, if you ever worry about why your organic traffic is falling, you can make use of Bing Webmaster to examine the cause.

Instagram Provides Tips on Creating Engaging Reels Content

Instagram tips on Reels content

Have you started noticing less reach than usual with your Instagram posts and stories? Reports show that this may be because Instagram has become highly enthusiastic about promoting its new Tiktok-clone, Reels.

If you want better reach and engagement on Instagram, let's face it, even if you don't like Reels, you should give it a shot while it's still in an early stage. Jumping on this feature early could certainly give you a boost over your competition, while also seeing it as an experimental new way to broaden the scope of your social media marketing.

Here are tips on using Reels that Instagram shared recently.  Additionally, you can look at Reels content currently on Instagram itself to understand what will work for you and help increase your engagement in 2021.

6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Marketing Automation

Marketing automation for business

At times, marketing your business can be stressful. However, marketing automation tools have been developed to automate these activities, while also simplifying and boosting their efficiency.

Marketing automation can help you save a lot of time, is cost-efficient, and can also help lead generation and customer retention. Without a doubt, it can easily develop your marketing strategy and grows as you do.

Here is a blog from TechWyse on marketing automation and how it can help your business. If you want to have an efficient tool to nurture your customers, you should think about implementing marketing automation.

Wrapping up:

We saw the new Facebook page layout and features for a better user experience. Additionally, Twitter and Instagram shared tips for using their newly added features. We then saw how Bing Webmaster has improved its search performance report. Finally, we understood how beneficial marketing automation can be for your business.

Next week, we will be back with more internet marketing updates and tips to market your business online. Till then, please have a look at our blogs to have a better understanding of digital marketing for your business.


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