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Happy Tuesday!

We’re back with great news and updates from marketing this week to help your business stay on top of the marketing game.

This week, let’s have a look at all the changes happening in marketing. First, let’s take a look at how Facebook has taken the initiative to expand its new Shops feature to all US businesses. Then, we’ll see Facebook again, adding custom backgrounds for messenger rooms to help you organize your meet-ups. After that, we’ll look at Google rolling out its new reports page to make it easier to toggle and visualize data.

We’ll also see an article from one of our blogs on powerful Facebook marketing strategies to boost your sales. Finally, we’ll take a peek at Google paid search trends that have nothing to do with the pandemic.

Let’s dive in!

Facebook Expands Shops to All US Businesses

Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses

Facebook is planning to roll out a dedicated shopping tab for all US businesses to expand their in-app purchases. This is because the company observed a rapid increase in online shopping during the pandemic. One of the reasons to introduce a separate shop tab, as quoted by Google, is to make shopping easier for businesses to connect with people and improve sales.

So what are the new ways for customers to shop, and the latest tools for businesses to sell on Facebook and Instagram?

The new ‘Shop’ tab will be available in the mobile app where users can find what they are looking for. Facebook shops help people to find products from businesses they love and also discover new ones and make purchases. 

The new customization features included in Facebook Shops are:

  • Design layout for featuring single products or group of products in Shops
  • Real-time preview of collections while they get designed
  • The ability to automatically generate Shops for new sellers
  • New insights to gauge results in Commerce Manager

It’s currently being tested in the US and is expected to expand its radar to different regions soon. Read the complete article to learn more about the update!

Facebook Adds Custom Backgrounds for Messenger Rooms, Adds New Rooms Discovery Tools

Messenger Rooms backgrounds

Facebook recently announced some news for its Messenger Rooms. The update comes with custom backgrounds and introduces other ways to connect and categorize Rooms. As video calls are gaining more popularity due to the pandemic, this will also help you organize your video meet-ups.

So what are the new additions all about?

Facebook already added a collection of preset, 360 backgrounds with ‘mood lighting’ features for video calls back in April. This was a part of the initial launch of Messenger Rooms. However, the new update will provide much more creativity and promise to enhance your Rooms during your video calls.

Facebook-owned GIPHY also launched new custom background options for video calls which could be added into Messenger Rooms. 

These features will enhance your Rooms experience and also makes it more accessible and manageable. Not to mention, it’ll add some fun and creativity to your meetings! To learn more about these features, continue reading the article!

Google’s New AdSense Reports Page Makes it Easier to Toggle and Visualize Data

Google Adsense report

Google is launching a new AdSense reporting page that will be rolled out over several phases. It’s expected to take up to two weeks before it reaches all publishers.

Google AdSense reporting is created to help publishers make decisions regarding the growth of their business. This new version of AdSense reporting can help them achieve this mission. The latest update will get completely rolled out by the end of September 2020 – keep your eyes peeled!

The new layout of the AdSense reporting dashboard offers a variety of new on-screen options. These on-screen options can be easily accessed from the main screen. Which, in turn, makes it easier for users to understand these options. When your account gets updated, it will get automatically opted into the new AdSense reporting experience. To learn more about the latest feature, click here!

6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Facebook marketing strategies 2020

Facebook has gained increasing popularity during the past years, with over a billion monthly users on the platform. With that popularity, the ability to generate highly targeted ads makes Facebook is more important than ever.

Every brand wants their products to be seen, loved, and sold on Facebook. As we all know, it’s quite easy to run a marketing campaign on Facebook. But, if it can’t provide a return on your investment, what’s the whole point of marketing?

Additionally, how can your business effectively generate sales through Facebook marketing? A proper Facebook marketing strategy is all you need to tap into your audience!

In this article, we take you through 6 powerful ways to use Facebook marketing to increase your sales and generate revenue. 

2020 Google Paid Search Trends that Have Nothing to do With the Pandemic

2020 Google Paid Search Trends

This pandemic has hugely impacted paid search marketers’ performance and advertisers’ ability to spend on paid search marketing. In this article, Andy talks to us about the 2020 trends concerning paid search marketers that have nothing to do with the pandemic. As well, he takes us through how to deal with it moving forward.

We can see that the death of tablets has made many paid search marketers give less importance to the traffic coming from these devices. Andy then talks about the 2019 update that put a fork in Google search partner share. He then points out some of the other aspects where advertisers chose to use different keyword strategies over time.

Want to learn more about the impacts of search trends that showed a decline in the performance of paid marketing across the globe? Check out the complete article!

To Conclude

We saw many useful updates and news that can help you improve your marketing knowledge and to stay up to date on what’s new updates came out. From seeing Facebook Shops expanding across US businesses to their addition of custom backgrounds for Messenger Rooms, a lot is happening. As well, we saw Google’s new AdSense reports page, which will be rolling out in phases. We also came across an article with 6 powerful Facebook marketing strategies to boost your sales!

Finally, we saw some of the 2020 Google paid search trends that have got absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic!

If you want to see more updates from the world of digital marketing, take a look at our latest blogs and stay safe!

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