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This Week In Internet Marketing

Happy Tuesday!

To declare that the internet marketing industry progresses rapidly would be a substantial understatement.

With things moving fast and the world rapidly trying to adjust, it’s natural to fall behind on the latest internet marketing updates that genuinely matter.

With that in mind, we have accumulated five of the latest internet marketing news from this week. From breaking headlines to analyzing emerging trends, we will help if you need to make a digital marketing plan for your business now or for the coming year.

1. Facebook Launches New Shopping Audiences, Instagram Product Tag Ads; Tests Shop Discounts

Introducing Facebook Shops: Helping Small Businesses Sell Online - About Facebook

Facebook comes out with new features for e-commerce brands and marketers constantly.

One such feature to come out recently as they have extended promotional support for Black-owned businesses and encouraging small enterprises through software discounts and training.

So what does this mean?

  1. With Instagram's product tags, marketers will quickly generate ads with product tags in Ads Manager without requiring to go the organic post route.
  2. With the new audience targeting feature, marketers will reach users who've already confirmed interest in their product and target "customers" with related interests as their existing customers on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Facebook will be promoting #BuyBlack Friday on its platforms to support the Black-owned businesses who underwent significant loss due to COVID-19. They are also extending discounts and training for small enterprises with what they call a Season of Support.

The new innovative features, ad setups, and audiences for e-commerce explain Facebook's intended focus on securing Facebook and Instagram as mobile shopping drivers.

Facebook announces that they see 78% of online purchases occurring on mobile and anticipates that figure to go up during the holidays.

With the last Prime Day event, several customers are now in holiday shopping mode, and brands should strive to act on holiday promotions earlier than ever.

2. How To Reduce Cart Abandonment

How to reduce cart abandonment?

Leaving items in your cart while shopping online without completing the purchase. This is what we term 'Cart Abandonment' means in the digital world.

Sadly, it's an unavoidable part of e-commerce that you will encounter when operating your business.

However, even though cart abandonment is something you can control, that doesn't mean there is no opportunity to be proactive to help reduce your online store's cart abandonment rate.

Do your best to reduce as many obstacles as possible by creating the optimal checkout encounter systems and design to transform shoppers into paying customers.

If you have an e-commerce business, focus on implementing or improving upon these three areas:

  1. Long & tedious checkout process
  2. Unexpected costs & delivery times
  3. Users feeling secured while making payment

Remember, the more comfortable, more transparent, and protected you make it for visitors to execute a purchase; the more sales you are expected to gain in the end, the ultimate goal for any online retailer.

3. How to Use LinkedIn Stories for Your Business

linkedin stories

Hurray, LinkedIn Stories are coming!

But what does this mean for brands and businesses on LinkedIn?

Similarly to Instagram Stories, LinkedIn stories will enable users to share videos and images that last 24-hours.

Users can implement text overlays, tag accounts, share questions, and attach an assortment of stickers to their stories:

Once published, stories emerge in tappable bubbles at the top of a user’s LinkedIn feed on mobile. When tapped, they unfold in a full-screen 9:16 (or portrait-orientation) format.

From here, the audience can send a story via direct message, making swift and easygoing conversations more comfortable on the platform.

This format will be great for encouraging more conversations on the platform, and increasingly communicative engagement with your brand.

This feature will produce a new, temporary way to share the message with your professionally-motivated prospective customers.

Although having another channel to contest with might seem overwhelming, there are loads of ways to adapt this into a unique creative opportunity to promote your business goals.

Whether you’re launching a product or sharing job opportunities capitalizing on this LinkedIn to influence more of your audience is positively a good move!

Early adopters of LinkedIn Stories will definitely place themselves ahead of the competitions, as important as doing something well is -- getting there first is just as if not more important.

4. Google Moves One Step Closer to Ads That Can Deliver Personalization and Privacy

Google moves one step closer to ads that can deliver personalization and privacy

Following in the footsteps of Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, this January, Google declared the termination of support for third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022.

Concurrently, the company developed its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative, as an industry collaboration to generate new privacy-friendly means of audience targeting that don’t rely on unique IDs or individual cross-site tracking and allow personalization with anonymity.

As a vital step Google just published the findings of a preparatory study examining the use of audience cohorts — an audience with comparative browsing histories and interests who might be targeted in groups rather than individually.

Google is equipped to prove that targeting interest-based cohorts would work significantly better than casual user groupings.

The big takeaway for marketers and brands is that the study gives the first proof of a concept that it is likely to deliver both personalization and privacy in a post-cookie world.

For years the digital ad industry has been developing 1:1 personalization. With the end of third-party cookies and more opt-in consumer privacy rules coming, possibly it’s time for a new and flexible mantra.

5. Facebook Publishes New Guide on Breakthrough Ad Tactics Used in Successful Campaigns

Facebook has issued a new guide which sketches six key strategies that prominent brands are applying to build lasting connections and drive positive results through their digital marketing efforts.

  1. Facebook states that people go to social platforms to engage; and with interactive, engaging promotions, a business can lead to better leads and possible conversions.
  2. Facebook notes that brands that can adequately tap into broader cultural shifts see far more exceptional resonance online. Utilizing influencers could be another method to maximize resonance on an assigned platform, using that influencer's nous and judgment to advertise your promotions.
  3. As highlighted by many research reports, younger users, in particular, will feel more associated with a brand that correlates with critical social issues.
  4. Facebook notes that companies that can efficiently listen to their communities and respond to their stated needs can more effectively intensify engagement.
  5. Innovation is essential, and reflection of innovative ways to tackle prevalent issues, and smashing stereotypes, can be a great way to raise awareness.
  6. Finally, Facebook sees that successful brands find ways to better personalize their promotions by highlighting how their product and services serve the purpose.

Wrapping Up:

Anticipate internet marketing to continue developing over time. What worked once for your business might not serve in the future.

That's why it's essential to keep yourself updated with everything that's happening around the internet.

With this in mind, let's wrap up this week in internet marketing:

We saw Facebook's strategy on securing Facebook and Instagram as mobile shopping drivers by coming out with new features for e-commerce brands and marketers.

E-commerce businesses now know how to handle cart abandonment and three tactics that will ensure higher conversions.

How early adoption of LinkedIn stories will place small businesses ahead of the opponents.

Google announced that it is likely to deliver both personalization and privacy in advertisements in a post-cookie world.

We now know the six key strategies that companies with strong brand identities are applying to build lasting connections and drive positive results through their digital marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for the latest internet marketing updates and news. If you require any clarification on the updates provided, please feel free to comment down below, and we can help you out!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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