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Happy Tuesday!

Internet marketing is broad and is constantly being updated. If you have plans to set up your business online, you ought to know the latest trends and news.

Here, we have 5 of the most relevant updates to help you get started with your online business and grow!

Let's dive right into them!

Facebook Launches "Season of Support" to Assist SMBs, Including New #BuyBlackFriday Push

Facebook Launches 'Season of Support' to Assist SMBs, Including New #BuyBlackFriday Push | My News on Point

Facebook announced a new "Season of Support" initiative to help SMBs boost their sales. This update will include free resources, education, and training needed to help small businesses take full advantage of the holiday season!

It also includes a specific focus on black-owned businesses, especially with the new #BuyBlackFriday push that's focused on promoting black-owned businesses during the Black Friday.

Facebook explained how the pandemic had affected these black-owned businesses, which closed at twice the rate of other small businesses. Hence, they are trying to help them get back their losses.

Following this, Facebook will be adding more features in the coming days to assist SMBs as a part of the broader "Season of Support" push.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming weekly updates!

Google is Testing New "Call History" Feature for Google My Business

Google testing call history

Google is testing a new feature in Google My Business called "Call History," which will help businesses respond to missed calls coming from Google Search and Maps.

The feature is currently only available to a select group of businesses within the U.S. However, it will be available globally soon.

With the new update, you can expect a call tab with a comprehensive list of time, date, and phone numbers that have called your business.

Missed calls will remain on the GMB app for up to 45 days. This update is similar to the missed call log on your smartphone.

The call history feature could help small businesses improve their customer service and secure incremental sales.

Read on to learn more about the new feature!

Google My Business Changes to Insights & Video Uploads

Google My Business Changes to Insights & Video Uploads

Google My Business is updating its performance report with search results data. It's a feature form Google that provides business owners with more data to work within a series of updates to performance reports.

One of the key takeaways of this update is the ability to see the number of times a business profile was surfaced in search results.

Over the coming months, you can expect more metrics like detailed reports about searches and the number of people viewing your business profile in search results.

The data on Google Maps searches are also expected to be made available in performance reporting in the coming days.

As well, they have reduced the video's size, which gets uploaded to Google My Business at 75MB, which is down from 100MB.

Read on to get a full analysis of these new updates and learn how it can help your business online!

Why You Should Use Google Shopping Campaigns

Google shopping ads

If you run your business online, you must already be familiar with running Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads to drive sales. But are you curious about how Google's platform can help your business increase your online sales?

For any business coming to Google for advertising, Search Ads would be the obvious answer to grow your business.

However, it can be a common misconception that Google's "bread and butter" are Search ads and SEO. So, why invest in Google Shopping when there are other advertising giants like Facebook and Amazon, for e-commerce sales?

Well, Google shopping campaigns offer just as much value to drive revenue for any product catalogues. This is because Google is consistently coming up with new tools and ad formats to help businesses grow.

Read the complete article to see what exactly Google Shopping Ads are and how they can serve your business.

Bing is Rebranded as Microsoft Bing

bing featured

Microsoft officially announced that its search engine Bing is now getting rebranded as "Microsoft Bing." The reasons for the rebranding includes the expansion of their services and more offerings.

The company hasn't mentioned much about why the company's name is added to Bing for the rebrand. However, it does have something to do with their integration of search experiences across the Microsoft family.

The rebranding also brings a new logo for the service, which is more in line with its design language found throughout Windows 10. Microsoft has been experimenting with Bing logos for the past few months, and some even appeared on the search engine temporarily.

Microsoft has also been improving its separate search product powers results across Windows, Office, and many more.

Microsoft Search will appear inside Bing to give organizations an Intranet Search foundation for files and documents.

The company also announced the "Give with Bing" program coming to more markets. This will allow users to automatically donate their Microsoft Rewards points to non-profit organizations in supported countries.

Wrapping Up!

Getting your online business started can get tough if you are not up to date with what is happening within the world of digital marketing.

That is precisely why we help businesses kickstart their online business dreams with our weekly updates.

From this week, we saw that Facebook is launching their 'Season of Support' to help SMBs. This means it's a good idea to get your business started before the Black Friday sales!

Then we saw Google testing a new "Call History" feature to help you not miss any calls, and we also the changes Google My Business has brought to its insights and video uploads.

We then saw an article from one of our informative blogs at TechWyse on the importance of using Google Shopping Campaigns.

Finally, we saw the news on Bing getting rebranded to "Microsoft Bing." As well, we saw their new "Give with Bing" program to help global organizations.

If you want more help with your business, at TechWyse, we have various services and offerings that can potentially boost your online sales.

Stay tuned for more updates and news. If you have any doubts, please feel free to comment below, and we can help you out!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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