The Importance Of A Complete Internet Marketing Approach

The Importance Of A Complete Internet Marketing Approach

The Importance Of A Complete Internet Marketing ApproachAt TechWyse we have a process by which we work – a process shaped by many years of internet marketing.  This process is evident when you look at our homepage and see the 3 steps displayed front and centre.  I thought that I would take a moment to explain the reasons behind our 3 step approach.  It is my hope that this description of our approach will give you some insight on how to approach your own online business.

The Elements

There are essentially 3 primary elements to marketing online.  Let’s take a quick look at each:

Converting Website

Having a website simply isn’t enough these days.  You need to have a website built to convert visitors into customers.  In our case, we use the third element to find out exactly what it is that your visitors need from you in order to convert into a lead or a sale.

Relevant Traffic

If I own a bookstore, it’s not going to make any money unless I have customers coming in the door.  The exact same principles apply to your website.  You should be employing both paid and organic search marketing tactics to bring relevant traffic in the door.  Relevancy is key here.  We don’t want to bring in customers who want a free book if our business model requires that we charge for our products.

Measurement and Tracking

The above bookstore example works well here too.  There’s a reason why many managers stand at the front of the store watching customers move about the room.  They are watching to see how they behave in their store and which elements they are and aren’t drawn to.  The same goes for your website.  By measuring and tracking where your visitors come from and what they do and do not do, we can make improvements to various elements in order to increase the rate at which people are converting.

The Process

Our process essentially follows those three steps.  We build a website based on our years of analytic knowledge and conversion experience, we send relevant traffic to that website and we measure all activity and traffic sources.  While this process sounds simple enough, the challenge is in making these elements all work together as a whole in order to improve and grow the business.  If you don’t understand how to interpret your analytics into actions, or you website is lacking in actionable sales tools, then these elements will fail to come together.

Why The Process Works

I’ll keep this short because I think you get the idea here.  Let’s go back to our bookstore example.  If we have customers coming in the door, a layout and displays to push our hot products and we’re studying the movements of our customers then we’ve got a 360º view on the operation of the business.  These elements all support each other to encourage growth and improvement.  If we were to remove any of these elements, our sales would drop and our wallets would get lighter.

Online, we want to do the same thing: build a strong converting website, send relevant traffic and measure all activity in order to make these improvements.

Without measurement, we can’t improve.  Without traffic, we have nothing to measure for improvement.  Without a well constructed website, we have an empty store.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    The very reason this method powerful is the reason why this model should work best. I am definitely becoming a big time fan of TechWyse 🙂

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    Good post Chris!  I do like your last line, it sums it up well "Without measurement, we can’t improve.  Without traffic, we have nothing to measure for improvement.  Without a well constructed website, we have an empty store."
    Most times, organizations make changes based on their opinion and own feelings rather than looking at stats.
    Great job Chris, and everyone at Techwyse.

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    Chris, I love to read your blog Posts !!!.. I consider your articles as the best in the area of 'Website Conversions'. I know it comes from your years of experience.. Thank you for sharing with the public.. 
    Though a small example you are helping even a novice person to understand the importance of the "Measurement and Tracking" of websites..

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    TechWyse 3 steps approach does makes sense if the website is intended for conversion / sales. It's good to know that all aspects related to creating a website to increasing the traffic and conversion are taken care of and included in the 3-steps approach. It's one-stop-shop for everything related to websites and internet marketing ! Thanks Chris for sharing the knowledge.

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