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Measurement & Tracking

Measuring All On & Offline Traffic For Continued Improvement

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
                                                   John Wanamaker – 1838-1922 - Millionaire Merchant

Until very recently the quote above was universally recognized and accepted. The internet has changed how we look at marketing – and since we are still in the early stages this trend will continue grow.

With the growth of the internet and search engines has come growth in the development of analytics packages which, when implemented properly, aid in improving your marketing spend in ways no other measurement program previously could.

How TechWyse Can Help Take Measurement To The Next Level

We have developed sophisticated processes to help take your company to the next level in online measurement. While we do offer various services to help measure varying requirements, we also have developed proven Measurement Bundles which take a company’s entire online presence to the next level.

Measurement Product Bundles

Web Analytics

Ultimate Measurement

This is our most complete measurement package which incorporate several programs to assess, measure and improve the return on investment of your on and offline marketing campaigns. Services Include:

  • Monthly ROI Review Meetings
  • Google Analytics Setup & Analysis
  • Email & Phone Tracking Drill Down Using » ADLuge
  • Website Improvement Using Google Website Optimizer

WyseLabs Analytics

The TechWyse WyseLabs service includes the first two items above and focuses more on discovery of visitor trending through Google Analytics. This service is geared towards:

  • Companies that need help understanding visitor trends through Google Analytics, but want to address items internally.
  • Companies that want to be educated on the measurement approach on a step by step basis.
  • Partners that need help with visitor trends but do not necessarily need our help to take action.


ADLuge is our 'all in one' CRM system which automates the collection of data from various sources including Google Analytics, Phone & Email leads, and provides meaningful data to help your business towards continued improvement. ADLuge is the primary component used in our Ultimate Measurement & WyseLabs products. Make sure to read more about it here.

Measurement Services

The TechWyse difference is in how we assess and explore your marketing data. Here are the services that we can use to begin helping your business:

Website Analytics
Google Analytics
Yahoo Analytics
Website Conversion
Google Website Optimizer
Lead Management
Phone Call Tracking
Email Lead Tracking

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