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Social Media Releases – The New Internet Marketing Buzzword

Internet Marketing April 23rd, 2009


online marketing buzzwordMillions of people daily are influenced by their power to become customers of a product or service. Press Releases have become an important tool in improving your own reach to interested eyes. Ravaged by recession, this is the time when companies are desperately looking for new cost-effective methods to reach their audience. An online press release has so many benefits.

The rise in popularity of online press releases has now brought us all a new buzzword – Social Media Releases (SMR)

Social Media Releases

SMR’s – The New Buzzword

It is a fact of life that change is the only universal constant. Everything changes and the sooner one adapts to the change the better it becomes for them. As is evident from the current market scenarios, each and every business from the top corporations to the new corporate houses require press releases. A healthy brand value for any organization is a must and a press release can help in getting one. It will always highlight what is going to come in the near future. There was a time when companies used to circulate their news and announcements through fax and email. But more effective methods are now upon us. In this age of change, a new sophisticated, innovative online distribution has emerged – Social Media Releases or SMR’s having the ability to add images, podcasts, webcasts, embedded video through new age social media sites.   

This whole new social medium has been made possible due to the rise of the internet and consequently social media sites.

Social Media Sites – "Submit News"

The major advantages of social media sites are greater opportunity for networking and increased web presence. Most of them facilitate posting ‘submit news’ or a ‘new story’. Think of Digg and its 30 million readers. Imagine the explosion of Twitter, and moreover Facebook. A news story written well and found to be helpful to the right person can cause an explosion of interest as each person has the ability to ‘post your link’ or ‘check this out’!  SMR’s can be used to announce a wide range of news items. These may include personal promotions, awards, scheduled events, sales, and accomplishments.They will publicize the latest products/services that will be available in the market/industry.

Social Media and bookmarking sites such as Yahoo Buzz, Technorati, Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Del.icio.us, Mixx and Facebook allow companies to spread their news at white-hot speed. Does it mean that just submitting stories to these sites is enough? Definitely not, you must take great care to both write something interesting and also ensure that your article has lots of relevant keyword terms that will hit peoples hot buttons.  Now we’re talking true SMR.

Dangle Your Golden SMRs Strikingly

From internet marketing to the health industry to hospitality sector, all industries should be  focusing on finding ways to take advantage of social media releases. As networking is integral for companies to attract new clientele, SMRs produce positive results that are measurable. While some companies are still trying to learn the search engine algorithms, others have pioneered methods on how to write SEO’d news.. Social media releases are here to stay.  Get your own team thinking about them now to keep your business ahead of the curve.

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Social Media Releases – The New Internet Marketing Buzzword

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