Social Media Releases – The New Internet Marketing Buzzword

Social Media Releases – The New Internet Marketing Buzzword


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    Exactly just joining Yahoo Buzz, Technorati, Digg, Twitter, Reddit,, Mixx and Facebook etc and submiting is not enough, your content must be useful and interesting to others because only then it will be bookamrked by the people and and spread over the web and that shoul be tha goal for posting content on these sites……

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    Yes Steve you’re right, many people are simply sending out releases without having any news value. It has come to such a silly state that if a company employee is going for holidays, that would also be announced under the company name. This is just trash information with no news value for the public.

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    Hi Asha, its about time the SMR became a buzz word, the initial idea/concept has been around since 2006. One such site that lets you create and publish SMNRs for free is Pressitt which has just come into Public beta.

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    I agree with you Asha, the impact of press releases are so high,(will get immediate attention too) if and only if it includes an original announcement. Companies realized the importance of online press releases (free & quick approval), and they’re simply sending out namesake junk releases as part of their online activities. Now it turned out to be a all TDH affair. So in the long run real ones will be bowled over by these craps.

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    News releases through social media sites have undoubtedly helped many SME’s achieve great online visibility and a resultant increase in online business. These social media sites have thrown open vast possibilities and anyone ignoring their importance can do so only at their own peril.

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