Search Engine Market Share May 2013

Search Engine Market Share May 2013

Not one of the major search engine’s moved a full numeric per cent this month. The only scale upward was made by Yahoo! by a mere .05 per cent. The overall total shares has dropped to its lowest point in the past six months, meaning the underdogs (AOL & Ask) still have a few users in the world. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Search Engine Market Share April 2013

Google Aims for Better Search

Penguin 4 has recently been unleashed and its fighting those who’ve disobeyed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Link spammers are all scrambling to regain their SEPRs, while those that have been using white-hat SEO tactics are reaping the benefits. Apart for all the technique aspects, Google is aiming to provide users a better search experience. Maybe Penguin 4 can increase Google's search engine market share.

Yahoo Search Result Page Redesign

Having a CEO that built the design of Google’s search engine is a big plus for Yahoo! Now that Marissa Mayer has purchased numerous application to arm the company for the future, she finally resigned Yahoo’s search result page. Since Mayer’s in charge,  It’s not surprising Yahoo’s redesign resembles Google’s page; nonetheless, it just might attract more searchers.

Bing It On Challenge

First, Bing didn’t want us to get scroogled. Now, the search engine has asked web searchers to break their Google habits and take the “Bing It On Challenge.” Web browsers are asked to make five different searches and upon you five selections Bing will indicate the users preference Google or Bing.

Baidu Drops Shares All Around

Not only did Baidu drop search engine market shares, but its stocks are also taking a hits. However, that won’t stop Baidu from offering its users new innovative features. Baidu’s maps now lets users chat and share in their real-time locations.

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    These statistics don’t surprise me at all. Google has had a stranglehold on that 1st place spot for a while now, and just don’t seeing dropping much unless a strong new competitor steps into the marketplace. Yahoo & Bing just can’t seem to build up enough steam.

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