Search Engine Market Share July 2013

Search Engine Market Share July 2013

The tables turn in the month of July, Yahoo and Bing drop in shares while Google and Baidu both rise. Three of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) are all in better standings than July 2012; however, most of their increase derive from Baidu’s losses. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Search Engine Market Share June 2013

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

As of July 22nd, Google automatically transfered all AdWords accounts over to Enhanced Campaigns. The main objective behind search Enhanced Campaigns format is to help users find the information they are looking for quickly and according to the device (and location) they’re using. This format will provide users more insight how users are interacting with their ads.

Yahoo Rocks into Social

Over the past few months, Yahoo’s been putting more focus of the importance of social media. From adding social news feed to its homepage and now acquiring Rockmelt, a social web-browser. With social signals influencing SEO rank, this acquisition may be Yahoo’s way of competing with Google+ and attracting more users to its platform.

Bing Mobile Minded

Microsoft has mobile on the mind, this has been proven through Bing’s new mobile device interface on its Window Phone 8. The recent upgrades surround making the Bing search experience easier to navigate. With the influx of search on portable devices, Microsoft might be aiming to limiting its users from downloading other mobile web-browser like Google Chrome. If Windows Phone 8 increase in sales, so might Bing’s search market share.

Baidu Dominates China

Google dominating in North America is to Baidu dominating in China; therefore, it's no surprise that Baidu isn’t performing as well in the North American search engine market share metrics. Investors are well aware of Baidu’s success overseas and they’re happy to have more options other than Google.

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    It seems that, for now, anyone who is aiming for increased traffic should still aim for Google. (Unless you operate in China, maybe.)
    Yahoo’s new purchases (Rockmelt, Tumblr) are surprising though, they leave me to wonder if Yahoo will regain some market share in the social networking sector. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

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    Great stat. I think Google will continue to dominate in the coming years, with their network of social media and other websites, like Google+, YouTube and Blogger.

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