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Search Engine Market Share June 2013

Internet Marketing July 8th, 2013



Over the past two months, Yahoo and Bing continue to move up the market share latter while Google and Baidu continue to climb down. With over a one per cent drop in market share, June poses the worst month for Google in the past six months; nonetheless, the numbers are still better than last year. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Share Engine Market Share May 2013

Google Loon Brings Search to New Heights

The Google Loon Project aims connect the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have Internet access via floating balloons in the stratosphere. If successful this innovative project will connect thousands of people together. And even though it might not be Google’s main initiative, project loon might increase its search volume and overall market share.

Yahoo Axes AltaVista Search Engine

Before Google,  AltaVista was the original web search engine and after a long series of ownership changes it ended up in the hands of Yahoo. However, instead of continuing to push its search results and advertising through AltaVista, Yahoo is ending the search platform. As of today anyone that lands on the site will be redirected to the Yahoo. This is most likely to source more traffic to Yahoo’s main site in hopes of increasing its search dominance.

Bing Search Boost Klout Scores

The number of times someone searches for a brand or person on Bing will now influence Klout scores. Since Klout is traditionally a social media rating system, incorporating web search results is a step in a new innovative direction.

Baidu Pushes Mobile

As the leading search engine in China, Baidu gives Google a run for its users when it comes to the Asian population. Competing Asian search engines are battling to catch up with Baidu and this is why the company is now heavily investing in its mobile platform. Unfortunately, this might not be much help for Baidu in its North American search engine market shares.

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Search Engine Market Share June 2013

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