Search Engine Market Share April 2015

Search Engine Market Share

Market Share between the major search engines has fluctuated the past few months. Since the decrease in February, Yahoo!, Google, and Bing have increased their market share. However, when compared to last year, Google's search engine market share has decreased by 2.92%. Yahoo! and Bing, on the other hand, have an increase in their market share of 2.8% and 2.94% respectively. With the Yahoo! and Bing's partnership, Google can expect more competition in the market. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

Search Engine Market Share April 2015

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Marissa Mayer redoes Yahoo's search deal with Microsoft, makes huge changes

In April, Yahoo! and Bing renewed their partnership that began back in 2009. This new deal will only require Yahoo to have 51% of its traffic from the Bing ads marketplace. In their press release, both Yahoo! and Microsoft stated that this new update will allow Yahoo! to enhance the search experience on any platform to continue serving Bing ads and search results for a majority of its desktop search traffic.

Chrome passes 25% market share, IE and Firefox slip

Bing reached 20% search market share in the United States. With Yahoo! and Mozilla Firefox's five year deal as the default search engine, more desktop computers are using Yahoo! as a search engine. Google Chrome and Firefox continues to one of the top three desktop browsers being used. Internet Explorer is the most popular search browser. However, with Internet Explorer removed, Bing may see an increase in their search engine market share with the launch of their next browser, Edge.

Windows 10 build 10074: Cortana gets improved Bing Instant Answers integration

Cortana is the newly announced digital assistant for Windows 8.1 mobile devices. Microsoft has announced that this technology will also be implemented to Windows 10.  In fact, Cortana will be powered by Bing Instant answers to provide answers to your questions, just like Siri and Google Now. Cortana is still being refined, but Windows 10 will be released July 2015.

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    Ronald Battiste 


    The numbers speak for themselves – stick with Google. Microsoft’s Bing advertisement system is up and coming, and will be a real contender in the near future, but that’s still a year (or more like two) away. Google Adsense is still incredibly cheap and easy to implement, whereas Bing ads haven’t been as field-tested as I’d personally like. Stick with what works, until the numbers reflect better change.
    I’d imagine if Bing managed a 25 or 30% market share I’d just quickly, or try to integrate both.

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