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Search Engine Market Share February 2014

Internet Marketing March 3rd, 2014


Search Engine Market Share February 2014

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all saw slight improvements this month over the beginning of this year with Google experiencing the largest increase. The three biggest search engines continue to dominate the market with a combined share of 83.81%. Statistics provided by Net Market Share.

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Google Doodles Aim for Equal Representation

Continuing their slow rise, Google is up another 0.5% over January’s numbers but still far behind this time last year when they enjoyed an 83.1% market share. Google has faced criticism recently for their male-centric Doodles and has admitted that they are working to do something about it. Of the 445 people honored with Google logos from 2010-2013 more than 82% were male. Ryan Germick, team lead for Google Doodles, commented that women have been underrepresented in almost all fields throughout history and that this year they hope to have men and women equally represented. (Source)

Yahoo! Aims for More Compelling, Integrated Ads

Yahoo! is also continuing a slow rebound from a low point near the end of 2013 but have yet to return to peak market saturation. CEO Marissa Mayer announced at the end of last month that their goal for 2014 is to make the ads on Yahoo! just as compelling and integrated as those on other, more popular search networks. Mayer oversaw Google’s search products for years and aims to bring new tools and ads for mobile users as well. (Source)

Bing Wins the Olympics Search Game

Bing also saw increased market share but a much less drastic improvement than its competitors. During the Olympics, however, Bing pulled out all the stops to provide the best possible user experience. With full schedules and a host of new search features designed to help viewers catch all their favorite events and a medal tally, Bing really came through for those who gave it a try. (Source)

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Search Engine Market Share February 2014

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