Remembrance Day and the Internet of the 1990’s

Remembrance Day and the Internet of the 1990’s

poppy_flower Remembrance Day is a time of year that we all honour and commemorate the many sacrifices made by war veterans that helped protect democracy during times of war to be what it is today.

Since this is an internet marketing blog,  I thought that we could examine the internet in its infancy and celebrate the tools we used in the past to help get us to where we are today.

So without further adieu, here are some memories of the past for people that may have used the internet back in the 1990's.  Remember and appreciate;

  • When search engines like Yahoo!, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves were far more relevant?
  • For SEO's; do you remember when meta tags were actually an important element in getting your site ranked?
  • The Google Dance
  • 14.4 modems & BBS boards
  • When you couldn't make a phone call because the modem was using the internet
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Napster and Kazaa
  • ICQ
  • AOL as the number 1 gateway to the internet

Do you have your own memory of the early times of the internet?  Share them!

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    I cant think that ever in the annals of history a field that has been transformed as drastically as this – the world of internet. Each year, each day innovation happens in the web world pushes the envelope away from what we have used in the past days. Evolving and embracing newer ones is the trend of time.
    Thanks for the blog.

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    I remember Altavista Ask Jeeves too, have used it extensively and also Lycos. Netscape Navigator was once my preferred browser. I guess Dylan said it right, it is all about evolving to better ones.

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    Like our fallen soldiers whom we fondly remember, let’s also remember those who by their creativity, innovation, dedication and perseverance engineered our present day marvels like the internet. They laid the foundation on which we continue to add and build. They gave us all for us to go further.

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    Man’s ingenuity has left its mark in every sphere of human endeavor. Internet is no exception. Ten years hence what we now call œtechnologically advanced will become obsolete. We will be met with newer, faster and technologically advanced products that will further push us forward. That’s how it is and how it was meant to be.

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    Hi DJ,
    Your article took me to the days -the primordial stages of our mighty internet. Gone are the days i have used ‘Altavista’ for search purposes. Technology is like that, it gives way to newer ones by out throwing the once reigned ones.

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    DJ I got a bit nostalgic reading your post! It took me back to the time when I used Napster to freely download my favorite albums fresh off the shelves and Altavista was the only search engine I knew. Good old times they were. But as internet evolved and spread all over it was just natural that they met their fate. Today it’s a totally different experience logging on to the internet. It’s more fast, it’s also a lot more fun. One wonders where next is the internet headed. But it always brings sweet memories thinking back.

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