Internet Marketing Week At A Glance- Nov 7

Internet Marketing Week At A Glance- Nov 7

Our first full week of November and lots of excitement in the internet marketing world to discuss in this weeks blog. 

Internet Marketing Headlines

You will notice a clear theme in this weeks post and that is the rise of the Smart Phone as the newest marketing vehicle for business.  We are seeing this with significant news in both analytics and acquisitions.

Google Acquires AdMob

Google today announced that they were purchasing AdMob for $750 million dollars.  Not unlike Google’s earlier purchases of YouTube and Urchin, this purchase illustrates the foresight of the company in purchasing one of the biggest mobile advertising companies just as the mobile industry is set to explode.  How long do you think it will be before our Google Adwords interface has a new content network for mobile? :)   You can see all of Google's acquisitions here.

Google Offers Expanded Mobile Reporting Features in Google Analytics

A true indicator of the increasing usage of the Smart Phone, Google is now giving more detailed analytics for people viewing websites through an iPhone (or any other mobile device).

Reasons Why You Should Bid On Your Own Name In Pay Per Click

Our very own Matt wrote a good article on our blog discussing one of the items that we get from clients.  Why should a company bid on its own name in Pay Per Click.  Definitely worth a read before making your own conclusions.

Google Honours Sesame Streets 40th Birthday Last Week


If you are a ‘Googler’ you probably noticed a different Sesame Street character each day last week.  An interesting commemoration given how involved Google has gotten in video over the last year!

Wishing Firefox a Happy Birthday!

Its been five years since the techno nerds at Mozilla gave us Firefox.  Many people see this company as a key contributor in the growth of internet browser features.  They certainly gave IE a kick in the butt and have recently been joined by Google’s own release ‘Chrome’.  Five years later Firefox now accounts for approximately 25% of internet browsing market share.

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    I think Google always tries to be unique (may be as part of their clever marketing). It adds custom logos on festivals, Independence day etc. This time honouring Sesame Streets and thats in a very different way. Each day for the month Google doodle will have each character from Sesame Street. Pretty Cool!

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    Thanks for sharing very great news, yes I like to see google at the top acquiring such great resources, marketers like us will be enjoying. I like google, even though it has hurt me in the past! My website design and seo business still lot depends on Google. And it has never let me down! Great.
    I am new to your blog and am sure it will be great to join here!

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    Happy belated b’day wishes to firefox!
    Sesame Street is my all time favourite, as well as my kids – always eager to catch moments with Elmo, Abby, Big Bird…

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    The Sesame Street anniversary has to be my favorite. Thank you, Google, for your wonderful logos. Sesame Street’s staying power, huge appeal, eclectic programming, and creative genius should be emulated by every aspiring and accomplished internet marketer. And every communicator, educator, entertainer…

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