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Reasons Why You Should Bid On Your Own Company Name In PPC

Pay Per Click November 4th, 2009


Reasons Why You Should Bid On Your Own Company Name In PPCOne area of PPC advertising that is often overlooked is allocating budget to buying your own corporate brand name as keywords and creating brand name ad groups when doing pay per click marketing. Many companies privy to the way PPC works feel that spending money on your own brand name can be a waste of money. Buying these terms as keywords and spending a portion of your advertising budget on them can actually be quite important to both your online and offline success.

Here are just some of the reasons why applying budget to a company and/or brand name in PPC can be helpful.

New Web Site with no Organic Search Result?

If your web site or company is new, or your previous web site is blacklisted in the organic area of search engines, searches for your corporate or brand names may produce little to no organic results. Buying your name as keywords in PPC will give you an instant presence in search results for these words, and will give your company valuable exposure. SEO can take weeks or months to fully return your web site to search results for your name. You may also be losing out to direct competitors who are purchasing your name as a keyword, and are building up their own brands as a result of this strategy.

Sending Visitors To Pages That Will Engage Them Right Away

Doing an organic search for your product names can result in your web site homepage or an inside page being displayed. This however, does not mean that the most relevant page would display that would best engage the user.

Buying PPC ads for your brand name product places an ad on the page that can send the visitor directly to your product’s page instead of either losing them because they do not see the result they wished to see or because they were forced to dig through your site looking for that product. The more a visitor is forced to click thru your site, the more likely you are to lose them instead of converting them.

This situation is a prime example of when you should ensure that your web site and pages are user-friendly by making information such as availability and pricing obvious on the page, shopping and/or information requests easy processes to follow, and text and images are as succinct and to-the-point as possible.

Have a Great SEO Result But Also Have Special Offers?

You may have a great organic search result on your corporate or brand name. But suppose you also have a popular rewards program, a special offer, seasonal products or investment opportunities you would like to offer to your potential website visitor? 

Are you going to hope that they find these offers on your site or assume that they already know about them and are familiar with the web address of this offer?

You know what they say about assuming, right?

Buying AdWords ads to present these offers not only increases the "real estate" you own on search results for your corporate or brand names, but also gives the visitors a direct link to the page or web site section with the offer, thereby increasing the probability that they will convert.

You also give those simply searching out your names a ‘reminder’ about that offer, or make them informed about it had they not been previously. Well worded advertisements will entice visitors to click on the ad and convert when they visit. They might not have been presented with this opportunity had they simply seen one organic result chosen by the search engine itself.

Understanding That Each Ad On A Search Page is Valuable Real Estate

Why have your business depend solely on a single organic search result? "Owning" more real estate on a search result page can help build your corporate and/or product brand name by being more visible to searchers by offering more avenues to enter your site. By making your site prominent amongst the results on your name you are improving the likelihood that you will retain a searcher rather than someone else.  With both a well-optimized SEO result and a great paid campaign, you give visitors exactly what they are looking for and improve the opportunity to gain a new visitor.

Owning more "real estate" also limits the space your competitors can acquire on your brand name. Unless you have filed a trademark ownership claim with Google, competitors can bid on your brand names as keywords, and steal visitors that were originally seeking your company! Why surrender advertising space and potential clients to your competition? You wouldn’t let them set up a giant billboard on your company’s front lawn directly in front of the company’s name – would you? So why let them do it when someone searches your company name on a search engine?

Allocating Budget To Company Brand Name Is Cheap! 

Take us for example; the cost of us creating a campaign around our own company brand name when someone types in "TechWyse", is far less expensive then creating a campaign around "Internet Marketing Toronto."  This is because:

  • Your company brand name generally has less people bidding on that spot so the auction style price is less.
  • The search engine assesses a higher quality score to your own company because you are in fact what the ‘searcher’ is looking for.

Take advantage of the advertising space available to you on your brand name, no matter what your current organic result may be. Stop surrendering space to you competitors, and take back the customers that you would have lost to others doing PPC campaigns on your own company name!

Build your brand, build your popularity, and build your reputation. You’ll be glad you did.

Post By Matt (47 Posts)

A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.

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A PPC extraordinaire, Mr Hogan can be found researching, administering and writing.
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Reasons Why You Should Bid On Your Own Company Name In PPC

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