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Happy Tuesday!

We are back again with more updates from the world of internet marketing to help SMBs and marketers to stay on top of the game!

This week, let's take a look at some new updates we've found. We'll start with Google allowing businesses to highlight their online services. Then, we'll see Instagram updating its eligibility requirements for Instagram shopping. We'll also look at an article that will help increase online reviews for your small enterprise.

As well, we'll learn some tips and tricks on how to increase the average order value of your eCommerce store. Finally, we'll look at how you can better promote your Facebook Business page.

Let's dive in!

Google Lets Businesses Highlight their Online Services

Google My Business Adds 4 New Attributes

Google is rolling out four attributes to help businesses make their Google My Business listing stand out in search results. Carrie Hill, a local search analyst with Sterling Sky, Inc., reported the appearance of these attributes in business's knowledge panels:

  • Online Care
  • Online Appointments
  • Online Estimates
  • Online Classes

Businesses can add these and any existing attributes to their GMB profile, and Google will show them in search results for relevant queries. These attributes are designed to attract searchers' attention by highlighting the essential services.

These attributes will also help searchers to make a more informed decision about where to visit. Read the entire article to learn how to add these attributes to your Google My Business Listings!

Instagram Updates Eligibility Requirements for Instagram Shopping Ahead of Broader eCommerce Push

Instagram shops

Instagram has launched an updated listing of eligibility requirements for its shopping tools. This will allow it to open its eCommerce options for more businesses and individual creators ahead of the broader rollout of its new Shops option.

As per Instagram:

"Whether you are a candle business making a foray into e-commerce, a musician selling merch or a food blogger expanding into your own cookware line, any eligible business or creator account with at least one eligible product can use shopping tags to drive people to their website to make a purchase."

The main change in Instagram's policy is that the Instagram profile must be linked to an owned store or website. This means that your item will have to be on your own site and cannot link them on other platforms like Amazon or RedBubble. 

Instagram is also updating their sign-up flow to make it easier for businesses to set-up their Instagram shopping tags. As well, they are looking to improve on their notification process for rejections of applications for Instagram Shopping.

Find Instagram's updated commerce eligibility requirements here, and learn more about Instagram Shops at this link.

How to Start Increasing Online Reviews for Your Small Business

Increase your online reviews

As a marketer, your focus will be on building your business, creating a perfect website, or building your online presence on social media platforms. But, one thing that actually creates an impact on your business is online reviews. Every business should consider making it a top priority to have good online reviews.

So, what makes online reviews so important?

As customers, we tend to look for feedback about a product before deciding to buy it. In a similar manner, as marketers, if we can provide our customers with great feedback, the chances of getting your products sold will increase. In fact, 90% of customers actually base their buying decisions off of online reviews. 

But how can you get more online reviews? By offering incentives, sending automated emails to customers, having various platforms for customers to post on, and by simply asking for one! 

Read the entire article to learn how to get more online reviews and even how to respond to the negative ones!

9 Tips to Increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of Your eCommerce Store

Average order value

If you are someone running an eCommerce store, you know that the average order value (AOV) can help you understand your customers' buying habits. As well, it gives insights about your marketing campaigns and the performance of your pricing strategy.

So what exactly is "Average Order Value," or AOV?

Average order value refers to how much each customer spends per cart checkout on your store. You can calculate it by dividing your total revenue in a given period by your total number of orders in that same period. 

An increase in your AOV will boost your overall sales and revenue. So, rather than focusing on bringing in more store visitors, try to improve your AOV. This is because you'd be earning more per customer from the start who are purchasing costly products, rather than trying to get more customers to buy one item at a time!

Read the article to discover the nine tips to increase your eCommerce store's AOV.

How to Set Up and Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business page promotion

Getting your business online is very simple, but setting up and promoting your business on Facebook is crucial. This is because it is a powerful community builder and lead generator. We can see how Facebook is moving rapidly to integrate eCommerce features. Hence, maintaining your presence on the platform becomes more than just a marketing channel; it becomes a part of your sales funnel. 

Setting up a Facebook page takes approximately 2 hours, but it can make a significant impact on your lead generation and community building efforts. After you set it up, you will need to add quality content regularly and log in daily to get new followers. As well, you'll need to reply to various comments and engage with your community.

To learn how to set up and promote your Facebook Business Page, read the entire article

Wrapping Up!

So far, we've come across lots of new features and updates that can help you improve your marketing knowledge. From Google allowing businesses to highlight their online services to Instagram updating its eligibility requirements for Instagram shopping, a lot is happening. As well, we saw an article on the importance of online reviews for small businesses. We also came across nine tips to improve your eCommerce store's (AOV).

Finally, we saw an article that helps us understand why you need to build your presence on Facebook using your Facebook Business Page.
Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs and stay safe!

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