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Happy Tuesday!

We're back with some more exciting news and updates in internet marketing to help you stay on top of your marketing game!

This week, we will discuss some essential updates. We'll start with Instagram testing Messenger integration that will enable us to view our Messenger messages in your Instagram DM tab. Then, we’ll see how we can create empathetic content towards consumers during this trying time. We'll also have a look at LinkedIn adding engagement retargeting options for lead ads and video views.

Finally, we’ll look at how a boost in voice calls can be leveraged by marketers using call analytics. As well, we will take a peek at Facebook testing their email marketing tools for small business pages.

Let's dive right in!

Instagram Tests Messenger Integration, New “Plans” Sticker for Scheduling Online Meet-Ups

Instagram Messenger integration

This week, we see that Facebook's plan to integrate its messaging app has taken another step. Instagram is testing its latest option that will enable us to view our Messenger messages in our Instagram Direct Messages inbox.

The new function is to be a part of Facebook's broader plan to enable full cross-messaging functionality between all three platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger). This will mean that users will eventually get to send and receive messages across any of these services. This also means that your inbox will need to be replicated within each app. The result will be that any message you get on any of the Facebook messaging apps will also be available on the other two platforms.

Facebook hasn't made a lot of noise about the ongoing project, but these tests confirm the project is still in progress. Facebook is looking forward to its messaging integration plan soon. As such, marketers can leverage this feature in their social media strategies while planning their campaigns and track conversions!

5 Steps to Create Empathetic Content Right Now [Examples]

Content without relevance can cause a lot of trouble for your brand. Irrelevant content can mean losing customers and subscribers. If you can provide people with the right content, you will win them over and have your customers become your brand's evangelists. The secret to creating that in-touch content is empathy.

Empathy is about putting yourself in another person's shoes by building a connection with their point of view, thoughts, or feelings. You’ll be a winner in many different areas if you can develop your ability to empathize. You can use it to help people feel seen and heard and helps your message strike the right chord!

In this article, Daisy Quaker provides us with 5 steps to create empathetic content in this situation. Read the entire article to ensure you get a better understanding of them!

LinkedIn Adds Engagement Remarketing for Video and Lead Ads

LinkedIn Adds Engagement Remarketing for Video and Lead Ads

LinkedIn has come up with much-anticipated ad targeting options with engagement retargeting options for Lead Ads and Video views. This new function rolling out in the coming month will enable advertisers to create retargeting audiences of users with video ads or interacting ads with Lead Gen Forms. 

You may be wondering how engagemnt retargeting works. Basically, it’s a process of retargeting the users based on their engagement behaviour on any platform. Facebook has successfully developed this over the years. It has the ability to target users who engaged with posts, contacted a page via Messenger, watched a certain percentage of a video, and many more options. 

This feature will be a success on a platform like LinkedIn. This is because it’s heavily geared as a business to business platform, with many interactions along the way leading to a purchase or conversion. According to LinkedIn:

"Engagement retargeting on LinkedIn is something we've been waiting on for a long time. The platform's existing retargeting solution is fully reliant on cookies, so half of your traffic doesn't qualify (iOS devices) and the other half will be gone in 2 years. It requires someone to visit your website." – AJ Wilcox

With the Lead Gen Form retargeting option, the audience can be created based on members who opened or submitted the lead forms you run on LinkedIn. To get more insights into video retargeting and engagement targeting, read the whole article here!

Boost in Voice Calls Poses Opportunities for Marketers Using Call Analytics Platforms

Marketing Land | LinkedIn

We all expected to see the traffic on the internet to be high during the work-from-home revolution sparked by COVID-19. But, there's also been a dramatic increase in the volume of voice calls. In late March, Verizon reported that its network was seeing more than double the number of phone calls each day (800 million wireless calls) as it sees on a typical Mother's Day – its highest Sunday of the year for call volume. 

For many years, we have always observed a decline in the amount of time people spend talking to one another. But now that trend has changed, and people are interacting over calls. So, as businesses start to reopen in stages, consumers are likely to interact with them on the phone to get the precise details of their products while at a safe distance. Businesses who use call tracking software, like CallLuge, can leverage this trend and make use of them in their next campaigns. 

Facebook Confirms Test of Email Marketing Tools for Small Business Pages

Facebook is testing a new email marketing tools for pages with a small number of SMBs. The new tool will enable these SMBs to create email contact lists individually or by uploading it from spreadsheets. After this, they can compose emails and send them directly through Facebook, with the ability to track their performance.

Businesses that are a part of the test group have access to the new email marketing tools through a Marketing Emails tab in their pages' inbox. This was said by a spokesperson for Facebook in an email about testing the new tool to help small businesses market their services and operations. He also said they’re seeing if it’s beneficial to people and businesses before proceeding with any further expansions.

Summing Up

So far, we saw some new features and got informed about some upcoming updates which are rolling out to help you market your products and services. From Instagram testing Messenger integration to knowing the importance of empathetic content at this time, a lot is happening. As well, LinkedIn is adding engagement remarketing for video and lead ads. We also came across how businesses can leverage call analytics after seeing a boost in voice calls. Finally, we saw Facebook developing email marketing tools for SMBs to market their products and operations.

Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs and #StayHomeStaySafe.

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