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Happy Tuesday all!

We are back with more news and updates on what's happening in the world of internet marketing. This week we will cover all the latest headlines in internet marketing. Read on to improve your digital marketing skills and stay far ahead of the game.

We'll discuss some essential updates, starting with Facebook testing their Mid-roll and Livestream video ads. Then, we will move on to see how Facebook Shops can benefit businesses to list their products for sale. We'll also look at the new Bing update, which is allowing them to answer queries with a simple "yes" or "no."ย 

Finally, we'll have a look at some pieces of information on how you can build empathy into your landing page during the pandemic. As well, we'll check YouTube's new premium advertising program.

Let's dive right in!

Facebook is Testing Mid-Roll & Livestream Video Ads: What it Means

If you're someone who watches a lot of Facebook Live broadcasts, get ready to catch some ads. The company is now testing short videos ads that will play during breaks in Facebook Live broadcasts. This means Facebook is getting into the mid-roll ads game with an actual beta test of the ad placement.

This move shouldn't be a surprise for anyone following Facebook and their video products. Video ads are profitable for Facebook, and a Live product devoid of ads would cause the company to miss out on potential revenue.

Facebook reportedly told advertisers that during the beta all ads shown during Live broadcasts would be taken from other promoted video campaigns already running on Facebook. Still, it's safe to assume if the test is successful, advertisers may soon have the ability to create custom ads designated to be shown during Live broadcasts.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Facebook Shops, Making it Easier for Businesses to List Products for Sale

The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Shops, a new e-commerce feature that allows businesses to list their products on Facebook and Instagram with ease. The feature will enable businesses to list their products on their Facebook page, Instagram profile, Stories, and in ads.

Although Facebook shops will make it easier for companies to list their products on Facebook, in most cases, users will have to visit the companies website and leave Facebook to make a purchase. But, businesses participating in Facebook's Checkout, a program that Facebook is testing, will have the privilege of making transactions on the platform.

In the future, we can expect Facebook Shops to allow businesses to sell products to customers through the chat features of Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct, and also tag products during live streams.

Bing Can Now Answer Queries with a Simple "Yes" or "No"

Bing Can Now Answer Queries with a Simple โ€œYesโ€ or โ€œNoโ€

Bing can now answer certain queries with a simple "Yes" or "No," the company announced recently. The new search feature includes a one-word answer accompanied by a carousel of sources to provide the simple one-word response to queries.

It's not uncommon for searchers to look through various sources to feel confident about the answers. According to Microsoft executives, Bing's intelligent answers feature works the same way. It will go through multiple documents to find and generate the best intelligent answer to queries. This way, a lot of time is saved!

Bing goes one step ahead. This new feature gives users a more concise answer, as well as several sources highlighted in the accompanying carousel. So, webmasters and SEOs should keep track of the keywords they are currently ranking for that will trigger this feature, and also monitor how the impressions are changing along with the traffic shift with the change!

How to Build Empathy Into Your Landing Pages During COVID-19

How to Build Empathy Into Your Landing Pages During COVID-19

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes into each of our lives and habits. Even businesses across various industries are struggling to adapt. So, being a marketer, there is never a better time to stretch that empathy muscle of yours!

If you look into this article written by Liam Barnes, you'll see the importance of landing pages, especially during COVID-19. How can you build empathy on your landing page? Liam says it isn't rocket science, but is sadly neglected in some cases.ย 

With that in mind, read the entire article to get a comprehensive idea of how you need to approach building empathy into your landing page during this time of the pandemic.

New "YouTube Select" Will Offer Marketers Access to Valuable Audiences

YouTube Update


For the first time, marketers will be able to target TV screen viewing. YouTube has relaunched its premium advertising program called YouTube Select. The program that rolled out was formerly known as Google Preferred and connected TV viewings into a global offering.

The market tailors YouTube Select packages content for topics, such as fashion & beauty, entertainment, sports, technology, and more. Custom sponsorship and programs also allow brands to target audiences across top YouTube apps like YouTube Kids, Music, Originals, and Sports.ย 

The company had also announced a brand lift measurement on TV screens, which will be available globally for the YouTube app and YouTube TV. The ad buying options will vary by region.ย 

We can see that connected TV viewing has increased during the COVID-10 pandemic. YouTube select will enable YouTube to monetize this new behaviour. Brand advertisers can now target YouTube Select!

Wrapping Up!

So far, we saw various new features and updates rolling out to help you market products online with ease. With Facebook testing their mid-roll and Livestream videos ads and introduction of Facebook Shops for businesses, to how Bing can now answer queries with a simple "Yes" or "No." We also came across an informative article noting the importance of building empathy on your landing pages during COVID-19. Finally, we saw YouTube's new premium advertising program allowing brands to target Connected TV viewers!

Stay tuned for more updates on internet marketing news every Tuesday and stay up to date. Meanwhile, please stay safe and have a look at our latest blogs!ย 

Please feel free to send us feedback in the comment section below!

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