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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

We're back with more internet marketing news and updates. This week, we’ll cover the latest headlines in internet marketing. Read on to improve your digital marketing skills and stay ahead of the game. 

We will discuss some significant updates, starting with Google's massive May core update. Then, we’ll see the new features Facebook and Instagram are adding to support local businesses. As well, we will be discovering how the collaboration of LinkedIn Events and Live will make digital events much more convenient. Finally, we’ll take a look at how Google is helping business listings to facilitate contact-free options during COVID-19.

Let's dive right in!

Google's Massive May Core Update: What You Need to Know

We see Google coming up with a core update every quarter. Since the last update hit in January, it's no surprise Google is planning one in May. The rich snippet updates overshadowed the previous update in January, but this update is straight to the point.

So, what will a core update look like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? Let's find out!

Timing the rollout during the pandemic has inspired them to suggest names in connection with the coronavirus, making it sure to be memorable. But, we will have to wait and see! According to Google, the entire period of the rollout will take one to two weeks until they have made all the changes live. 

Webmasters and SEO's have reported on certain effects of the Google core update. According to the signs so far, a few industries and page types are likely to get affected. And, according to some early statements from the webmaster world, a wide range of industries - from recipe to tech, finance, or even health - will be targeted. Early signs of cryptocurrency content getting impacted are evident, according to Forbes, in their article.

Read the article to discover all the predictions webmasters are making based on the update! 

Facebook and Instagram Add New Features to Help You Find and Support Local Businesses

We’ve seen a lot of new features Facebook is announcing to help users cope with the pandemic. The social network is effectively assisting many small businesses in dealing with the fallout. As such, these new features will help users find, discover, and support small businesses.

Firstly, Facebook will begin to promote the #SupportSmallBusinesses hashtag while encouraging users to share a small business they love. This will significantly increase exposure for small businesses.

A new Instagram feature will allow users to show their gratitude for small businesses in the form of a "Support Small Businesses" sticker. It’s something similar to the "Stay Home" sticker introduced in the previous month.

Facebook is also introducing a “Business Nearby” feature. This will help people to find out the latest information on local stores, place orders, or buy products. 

Finally, Facebook said they would be posting information related to COVID-19 with tools and tips for these small businesses on both platforms. 

These new updates are a must check-out for the small businesses who are striving to get through this quarantine period!

LinkedIn Pages Can Now Host Live Events Virtually

With the pandemic cancelling most of the events, many event organizations are now opting for digital events. Catering to this, LinkedIn made event options available for all companies last month. Now, they are looking to add more capacity for hosting professional events by combining them with LinkedIn Live. 

As explained by LinkedIn:

"We've accelerated our product roadmap to bring you a tighter integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live, turning these two products into a new virtual events solution that enables you to stay connected to your communities and meet your customers wherever they are. This new offering is designed to help you strengthen relationships with more targeted audiences."

Initially, you would broadcast your live event in LinkedIn live and host the event info on a regular event page. Now, you can limit the broadcast of your LinkedIn Live video to only your chosen attendees while keeping all the related discussions hosted on one dedicated page.

If you need help hosting a virtual event on LinkedIn or deciding on the right time to go live, click here!


Google is Letting Business Listings Feature Donation and Gift Card Links


Google is Letting Business Listings Feature Donation and Gift Card LinksWe saw how social networks, like Facebook, are helping small businesses cope with the fallout. Now, let’s see how Google is helping them through GMB listings in the form of gift purchases and donations!

Google is now allowing businesses to add links to their GMB listings that customers can click on to buy gift cards or make donations. Businesses can directly link to a gift card purchase page on their website. Google has partnered with PayPal and GoFundMe to allow businesses to accept donations via their GMB listings.

The feature will initially roll out to a "subset of businesses" in Canada, Ireland, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. 

Google Adds “Curbside Pick-Up” Notifications on Business Listings to Facilitate Contact-Free Options

Google Adds “Curbside Pick-Up” Notifications on Business Listings to Facilitate Contact-Free Options

Google is adding a new “curbside pickup” listing option for businesses. They’re doing this through both local inventory ads and Google My Business profiles. This feature is to help facilitate contact-free shopping options during the pandemic.

Now, businesses can access a new “Curbside Pickup” label. This will get added to the local inventory ads for relevant businesses in the feeds. This new feature can potentially attract business and promote related queries. Google says that the feature is currently available in beta. It’s available to advertisers in certain regions where local inventory ads are launched.

If you are someone running a local inventory ad, you will still be able to add a curbside pickup listing via your Google My Business profile, which will then be shown in Search and Maps. 

Wrapping up!

So far, we’ve seen various new features and updates rolling out to help small businesses and marketers across the globe during this time. From Google core update set to roll out in May, to how LinkedIn can now host virtual Live events, quite a lot has been happening. As well, we saw how Facebook is assisting these small businesses to cope with the pandemic with their new features. Not only that, but we also saw Google contributing to these Local businesses with their listing features and “Curbside Pick-Up” notifications. 

Stay tuned for more updates on internet marketing news every Tuesday and stay up to date. Meanwhile, please stay safe and have a look at our latest blogs

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