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Happy Tuesday,

This week, we’re back with some news and updates on what’s been happening in internet marketing.

We’re going to be taking a look at some useful updates and news which can help you grow your business. We’ll see how Instagram has taken steps to test variations of Reels and Shop Tabs. Then, we’ll look at Facebook imposing limits on the number of ads. After that, we’ll take a look at an article from one of our blogs to help you understand the high cost of after-hours customers on Google.

We’ll also look at Facebook launching an e-learning program for community managers. Finally, we’ll see some Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategies for your online business!

So, let’s dive right in!

Instagram Tests Variations of New Reels and Shop Tabs on the Bottom Navigation Bar

Instagram Reels and Shop tabs

After Instagram launched the Reel tab on the main, in-app navigation bar for users across various regions, they’re now looking to expand the feature to the different areas where Reels is available. It’s also testing the optimal placement of the new Shops tab.

Instagram is currently testing 3 variations of placing the new “Shops” and “Reel” tabs on the lower navigation bar. The “Search,” “Activity,” and “Create,” buttons shifting to the top, alongside the “Direct” tab. With this change, many users who are used to how it is now will most-likely be annoyed.

Instagram has been testing both the Reels and Shopping tabs for quiet some time now. They also have been trying to experiment with various layouts and button shifts for some time. Instagram is doing all this with a vision to maximize the usage of the app.

This means that online marketers and SMBs need to understand that Instagram is a platform that will be attracting more users in the future. In turn, they need to look for more opportunities to advertise on Instagram!

Breaking: Facebook to Impose Limits on Number of Ads

Breaking: Facebook to Impose Limits on Number of Ads

Facebook has announced a new initiative around the number of ads displayed by pages based on their spend size. The latest implementation on ad limits will begin rolling out in February 2021 and will continue for at least 2-3 months.

So why is Facebook limiting their volume on ads?

Facebook has been stressing the fact that more ad volume doesn’t mean anything. Adding more of anything to Facebook will create a need to optimize. Many brands notice certain ad creatives getting fewer impressions and may find the status stuck in the Learning Phase for some time!

This means that marketers who go over the limit after the rollout of this ad limit in February will not be able to run new ads. As well, they can’t edit the existing ones until they decrease their volume.

Page owners will start seeing Ad Limits per Page tool appear on the backend Ad Manager over the next few weeks!

The High Cost of Attracting After-hours Customers on Google

Attracting customers on Google

Marketing can get expensive at times, especially with so many competitors going after the same customers you’re trying to target. Many are bidding right up to the edge of what they can spend while keeping their profits flowing. If you are not careful enough, the contest for clicks can leave you in a place where you will no longer see any positive return on your investment.

It’s essential to monitor your ad spend and look for opportunities to become much more efficient. Attracting the best clicks for the lowest price is what you need to be aiming at. According to recent research, the day’s time plays a vital role in your clicks’ value. To learn more about attracting after-hour customers on Google, read the complete article here!

Facebook Launches an E-Learning Program for Community Managers

Facebook Launches an E-Learning Program

Facebook’s e-learning centre, Facebook Blueprint, was launched in 2015 and has been around for a while as marketers use Facebook to reach their audience. This week, Facebook announced the community manager e-learning program for enabling online community managers to set up the right communities to yield better engagements.

The community manager e-learning program is a free collection of courses offered by Facebook’s Blueprint. It was developed to help marketers build and maintain a community with all the best practices they monitor regularly. Amidst the pandemic, many of us are joining groups to make connections and stay updated. As such, it’s no surprise that Facebook came up with something like this.

Read the entire article to discover more about the community manager e-learning program on Facebook.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2020

This year, with all that’s been happening in the world, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will not be the same. With the economy hitting a downfall and social distancing becoming the norm, we can expect a record-breaking year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year.

This time of the year is crucial for any online merchant as it will boost sales, which is precisely why you must prepare your business for these upcoming events. For that, you will have to prepare your website, build anticipation, generate creative ad copies, and finally make use of remarketing.

To get a comprehensive idea of preparing your online business for these upcoming sales, read the article!

Wrapping Up!

We’ve seen many useful updates and news to help you improve your digital marketing knowledge and stay on top. From seeing Instagram testing variations of the new Reels and Shop tabs to Facebook imposing limits on the number of ads, a lot is happening. As well, we saw how to attract after-hour customers on Google. We also saw the new e-learning program for community managers launched by Facebook through Facebook Blueprint.

Finally, we came across an article on preparing your online business for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

If you want more useful content and stay up to date with what is happening in the world of internet marketing, have a look at our latest blogs and stay safe!

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