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Happy Tuesday,

This week, we've got some more marketing news and updates to share with you that will benefit your business!

We're going to take you through some of the significant changes that took place this week in marketing. First, let's see how Facebook has taken initiatives to support e-commerce businesses during the pandemic. Then, we'll see how LinkedIn is allowing page owners to view, sort, and learn more about their followers. After that, we'll take a look at how you can tell your customers you're providing online services on Google My Business.

We'll also look at an article from one of our blogs on 5 chatbot trends for 2020 that you need to be aware of. Finally, we'll take a peek at Pinterest testing product ratings, "bestseller" labels, and more!

Let's dive in!

Facebook Shops to Support Online Retailers, E-Commerce During COVID-19

Facebook Shop to support online retailers, e-commerce during COVID-19

Facebook announced its expanded rollout of Facebook Shops to all eligible businesses on August 25. The new e-commerce section will let users find businesses and shops for products within the app. It will also include a variety of customization and reporting features to measure the results better.

Although launched in May 2020, Facebook Shops will now be available to every eligible business. This is perfect timing, as users can adopt it before Black Friday and holiday shopping. The focus on e-commerce not only aligns with the latest shopping capabilities that are available via Instagram Shop, but it also aligns with customer data.

As part of the rollout, Facebook encourages businesses to use Shop by offering new sets of features and temporary perks. To learn more about the rollout, read the complete article.

LinkedIn Lets Page Owners View, Sort, Learn More About their Followers

LinkedIn rolled out some new features this week to help companies promote their events, better understand their followers, and facilitate communication among employees on the platform. The latest update will introduce a new "My Company" Tab, "Events" tab, and the ability to "View Page Followers."

This means page owners will now be able to view people who follow them and sort their followers' list based on current company, industry, and location. Another interesting feature shows an "insight" for followers, such as how they came across your page and when.

The update will provide the transparency required to understand audiences better. Before the change, you could only view the total number of followers and demographic breakdowns. 

Tell Customers if You're Providing Online Services on Google My Business

Google My Business

Google had recently rolled out four new attributes that businesses can use to make their GMB listing stand out in search results. As businesses add these, and any other existing attributes, to their GMB profile, Google will then display them in search results for relevant queries. Searchers can use these attributes to get what they are looking for and make more informed decisions about where to visit!

Now, using your Business Profile, you can let your customers know if you are providing online services or not. As you update these attributes, people will get to see the services you offer. These can be things like appointments, classes, and estimates. And if you have an appointment URL, you can show it on your profile too!

So, if you show your virtual services with "Online" attributes, you can improve discovery, easily communicate with your customers about your online offerings, and quickly facilitate the online booking process. To learn more about updating your attributes on Google My Business, click here!

5 Chatbot Trends for 2020 That You Should Know

Chatbot trends 2020

Over the last few years, we have seen the impact made by Chatbots. Many businesses across industries adopted chatbots for several reasons. These include improved productivity, to simplify customer interactions, and eventually to bring in leads for their business. 

As we all know, the pandemic shook the world, and many small businesses were struggling to keep up with online sales. Something had to happen overnight, and businesses that communicated on a face-to-face basis needed a new medium to interact. This is when a huge reliance on chatbots started happening.

Many businesses, both small and large enterprises, use chatbots to have personalized conversations with their prospects. Chatbots also enable businesses to automate repetitive queries so that they can spend more time on pressing issues. They've been a great help to many companies worldwide in managing customer interactions during the pandemic. 

If you have a business that spends a reasonable amount of time replying to multiple emails and chats, you should also consider chatbots. In this article, you will discover the 5 chatbot trends we've seen in 2020 so far!

Pinterest Tests Product Ratings, "Best Seller" Labels and More

Pinterest Tests Product Ratings, “Best Seller” Labels, More

Pinterest is testing the new "Best Seller" and "Popular," labels that will appear on Product Pins. These labels will help users to discover trending products based on the shopping history of other buyers. Pinterest will also start showing the updated sale prices next to the original price on product pins. This is so that users will know exactly how much they are saving on a particular product!

Pinterest is also testing product ratings and shipping information that will be displayed alongside product pins. These new features will help customers with purchasing decisions. Pinterest is also updating its "Shopping Spotlights" section, which will refer to curated shopping recommendations in the search tab.

Wrapping Up!

So far, we saw some exciting updates and news to help you improve your marketing knowledge and to stay updated. From seeing Facebook Shops supporting retailers during the pandemic to LinkedIn's new features allowing page owners to learn more about their followers, a lot is happening. As well, we saw how the latest attributes on Google My Business will let online services tell their customers about their services. We also came across an article on the five chatbot trends you need to know in 2020.

Finally, we saw Pinterest testing product ratings, "Bestseller" labels, and more!

To get more updates from the world of internet marketing, have a look at our latest blogs and stay safe!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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