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Happy Tuesday!

We’ve got some new updates from marketing this week that can help keep your business on top of the marketing game!

This week, we’ll have a look at some new changes happening in marketing. First, we’ll see how Facebook is supporting Black-owned businesses by adding new resources. Then, we’ll see how Bing Shopping is allowing free product listings. After that, we’ll look at an article from one of our blogs on how to combine your content marketing and social media marketing strategies for better results. 

We’ll also see Facebook announcing their paid online events for business recovery. Finally, we’ll take a peek at some news on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct messages merging!

Let’s dive right in!

Facebook Adds New Resources to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Facebook support black-owned business

Facebook is now offering resources to follow through with their vision to support and assist black-owned businesses. In fact, it’s a part of the company’s efforts to address racial inequalities in the U.S.

This new addition will help businesses identify their page as a black or minority-owned business on Facebook so that anyone who wishes to support them can do so with ease. The new listings will get displayed in the ‘Businesses Nearby’ listings on Facebook. With this new feature, Facebook will provide more ways for users to help the black community.

In addition to this, Facebook has also published a new guide for Black business owners and entrepreneurs. The guide provides several tips and notes to assist them as they use Facebook for business promotion. 

Facebook also updated its $200 million funding program for Black-owned businesses, which is now open for applications in the U.S. To learn more about how Facebook is trying to support Black-owned businesses, read the complete article!

Bing Shopping Opens Up to Free Product Listings

Bing porduct listing

Microsoft announced that organic product listings will now be available in the Bing Shopping tab. The feature is currently available to Microsoft Center store owners with approved offers and is expected to launch with a small volume of traffic this month!

This new feature that allows you to promote free products is currently only available to merchants in the U.S., but will soon roll out in Canada, the UK, France, and Germany!

But how does it work?

Microsoft Shopping Campaigns customers do not require any action to take part, and all approved product offers in the Microsoft Merchant Center are automatically opted into free product listings. Clicks from the Product Listings section of the Shopping tab are totally free, and retailers don’t have to pay Microsoft.

Displaying products for free can help merchants get their inventory sold faster. As well, a more extensive selection of products can also help Bing draw more shoppers to its platform, making it a win-win.

How to Align Your Social Media and Content Marketing Strategies for Better Results

Social media and content marketing

As a marketer, if you have to separate marketing strategies that are not appropriately aligned, then you’re doing it wrong. Many companies feel that their content and social media strategies have little to do with each other. In a large business, different people or teams handle social media and content.

However, if you combine the two strategies, you’ll discover many valuable opportunities. In this article, Jimmy tells us some of the best ways to align your social media and content strategies for better engagements, conversions, and results.

As you go through the article, you can see what content marketing is and why it’s crucial to align it with your social media strategy. As well, how you can effectively combine the two for stronger brand recognition, higher engagements, and ultimately, more conversions!

Facebook Announces Paid Online Events for Small Business Recovery

Facebook Announces Paid Online Events for Small Business Recovery

Facebook has announced a way for local businesses small businesses, creators and others to monetize events on the platform. As well, Facebook said that they wouldn’t be collecting any fees from the events held on their platform.

Amidst the whole pandemic, many people are working from home and using Zoom for work events online. As many live events can no longer be held, these online events are expected to gain more acceptance and normality. 

So, if you are a local business, you can monetize an event through Facebook and target Facebook users with local advertising. People can pay for the event on Facebook and watch it online. 

We can now conduct exercise classes, yoga classes, business training, hobby classes, birthing classes, and any seminars online. Business owners who want to host monetized events on the platform will need to abide by Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies. Read on in the article to learn more about monetizing your next Facebook event!

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages are Merging

Facebook and Instagram messaging merge

Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram all under one company, which allows users to cross-message across different platforms. This is great news for those who use only one messaging system for friends and family but prefer to use another!

However, it seems like the initiative to combine Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages may now turn into reality sooner or later. While opening Instagram, you’ll see a prompt to update the messaging system. This would add new features like swipe to reply, emojis, and the ability to chat with friends using Facebook. 

It’s currently only available in some countries, and Facebook told The Verge that it would be available soon in many other regions!

Wrapping Up!

So far, we came across various features and updates that can help you expand your marketing knowledge this week. From seeing Facebook’s initiative to support Black-owned businesses to Bing Shopping promoting products for free, quite a lot is happening. As well, we saw an article telling us about the importance of aligning your social media and content strategies for better results. We also came across Facebook announcing paid online events for small business recovery!

Finally, we saw some news on the initiative to merge the two messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages). 

Want to learn more updates from the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Have a look at some of our latest blogs and stay safe!

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