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Happy Tuesday,

We're back with more updates from the world of internet marketing that help SMBs and marketers stay on top of their game!

This week, we'll take a look at some new changes happening in marketing. First, we'll start with a comparison between Facebook Ads and Google Ads to help you decide what's best for your startup. Then, we'll see Facebook's new Reel feature launched on Instagram to copy their rival, Tik-Tok. After that, we'll take a look at why Google reviews are essential to your business.

We'll also go through an article that will help you take advantage of Facebook Shops. Finally, we'll take a peek at how Google is making it simpler to find and support black-owned businesses.

Let's dive in!

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: What's the Best Choice for Your Business?

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better?

A common question raised by businesses when expanding their paid media presence is, "Where should I invest my ad money?" The truth is though, we can't compare them based on which is better, because they both do different things.

So, why is there so much discussion surrounding Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

As we know, most internet users are on the platforms, and both are proven performers. When it comes to selecting one advertising channel over the other, you may think, "What if the other one is better?" This can cause a struggle when deciding which platform to use, and you need to evaluate based on your situation.

You first need to determine what you can pay to acquire a customer. Consider your industry and do proper keyword research to see the CPC ranges you'll be looking at in Google Ads. As well, estimate how far your budget would go in different scenarios. Finally, keep testing until you find the right mix!

Instagram Launches its TikTok-Like "Reels" Functionality in 50 New Regions

Instagram Reels

Instagram recently launched its short-form video feature, Reels, to compete with its fast-growing competitor, TikTok. You'll find Reels within the Instagram app at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Reels allows users to make a 15-second clip, just like TikTok, and share them with the public or friends within the Instagram app.

Instagram has announced that it's making its "Reels" function available to 50 regions, including the US and the other four regions where it was already available. Instagram had announced that Reels would be launched in the US in August. However, with TikTok coming under pressure, especially with its ban in the US, Instagram is pushing Reels in more regions to provide an alternative platform for TikTok creators.

To learn more about the newly launched regions and how the new feature works, read the article!

How to Ask for Google Reviews (With Best Practices and Templates)

Google reviews

Google reviews are very important to sustain any business online. This is because Google reviews boost credibility, reputation, and prove that your business can be trusted. Also, collecting reviews on GMB (Google My Business) can help improve your SEO.

You can use GMB to control what shows up in your business' search results and view how your customers are associating with your company. It's also a place for customers to leave their valuable feedback about your business. So, with reviews offering so much, do they have to do anything with SEO?

Yes! Positive reviews about your business can improve your traffic and conversions and also signify to Google that your business is authentic, improving your SEO. Read on the article to learn more about how to get more reviews!

Facebook Shops: How Your Business Can Take Advantage of It!

How to use Facebook shops for businesses

Facebook launched with the idea of connecting with people back in 2004. With over 2.5 billion monthly users, who would've thought it'd be a platform to help businesses grow online!

As many small and medium-sized businesses try to grow their digital presence online during the pandemic, it's a no-brainer that businesses should be investing in social media marketing and all other online efforts. But what's new? 

Facebook Shops! Facebook recently announced its latest feature called Facebook Shops, aimed at helping businesses create a digital storefront directly on Facebook. Facebook shops allow users to transform their business page into an online shop inside Facebook itself. 

To learn more about how Facebook Shops work, how businesses are benefitted, and how to create your own Facebook Shop, read the entire article and grow your social media business today!

Google is Now Making it Easier to Find Black-Owned Businesses

Google is coming up with a new tool that allows businesses to identify themselves as Black-owned through the company's Maps and Search listings. This is to help support the Black community with "initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions."

When you search for a business through Google ( or Google Maps), you will now see a new badge that represents Black-owned businesses (a black heart over an orange three-striped background). To get this verification, they must claim their business on Google and verify ownership by mail, phone or email before they can apply for the badge.

It is still not clear whether Google can tell if they are Black-owned. It's somewhat similar to the badges Google introduced for businesses to display if they were either "Women-Led" and/or friendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Read the article to learn more about the whole process of getting verified as a Black-owned business on Google!


So far, we've come across many features and updates that can help you improve your marketing knowledge. From understanding the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads to Instagram launching it's new TikTok like platform "Reels," a lot is going on. As well, we saw how to ask for Google reviews and why it's important for businesses to have them. We also came across an article from one of our blogs on how your business can take advantage of the new Facebook Shops. 

Finally, we saw Google launching a new tool to help the black community with initiatives and product ideas!

Want to learn more updates on the world of digital marketing and expand your knowledge? Take the time to check out our latest blogs and stay safe!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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