I have a Blog…Now What Can I Blog About?

I have a Blog…Now What Can I Blog About?

The importance of frequently updating your blog has become a key element in organic search results. As I am sure you have heard before, the more relevant content on your website, the better!

One of the advantages of a blog is the ease of use. Anyone who has ever typed up a word document has the skill set to maintain a blog! The question is, why are there so many out of date, empty blogs? I see it every day with the clients that I help manage. The truth is, website owners struggle finding the time to select topics to blog about.

Things to consider when posting a blog:

  • they are meant to provide fresh content and answer questions to web site visitors
  • there is no specifications on the length of a blog
  • your writing style can be casual
  • you can write about personal experiences
  • it is helpful to link to related articles / websites
  • get your readers involved (use the comment feature)

Get your creative writing juices flowing (use these sources to find blog topics to write about):

  • newspaper
  • tv
  • radio
  • magazine
  • Google alerts
  • other blog postings
  • other websites
  • personal opinions
  • your work process

If you are still having a tough time finding a topic to write about, visit the following blog search engines and search your key industry terms:




Google Blog Search

Not sure if your company is ready for a blog?  It might be time.  Read more to learn about whether your company is ready for a corporate blog. 


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    If you have just started a blog, Good, you took a step forward to be in the new era. Its much better than, not knowing anything. I recommend to not go with the -ve comments posted by the people here. They certainly can not be encouragers in life.
    Take your time, you are not an official News reporter, choose a topic that you want to discuss. May be anything from food,travel,gossip,news,market,fashion.. or be about you. Blogging means expressing your ideas or creativity with the world. Take it as one of the ways to improve your communication skills – at least you’ll end up sounding more intelligent, even if you haven’t increased the amount of knowledge in your noggin

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    I think people just have a blog to say “HEY I HAVE A BLOG”. and they know nothing about it. So they need to stop trying to be cool, and not have one. (:

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    I have seen so many trash blogs, they’re keeping their blog for the sake of blogging and simply for marketing purposes, but lacking the pivotal purpose – that is being informative. You’ve given a smorgasbord of sources to find blog topics, I prefer google alerts and my bookmarked ones.

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    I believe people create blogs just to be with the “in’ crowd, but eventually do not understand what or how to blog.

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    I think blogs as big as they now are seem to be underrated. The big issue when someone puts up a blog is that they build it but dont bother to update it regularly. Ive seen so many! But the truth is that if constructed properly it can be a powerful force in growing your own readership and can bring your visitors closer to your company. Something to keep in mind. Good topic Britt.

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    The power of a blog is unfathomable.
    Even if the website isn’t so great, but is regularly updated can make all the difference. Content rich blogs are going to be an inevitable feature with every website in the internet marketing realm, and you’ve umpteen ways to find a topic for blog on the net.

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    Yes, blogs have risen high in popularity and importance in the Internet space over the past few years. And today they have become an indispensable element of internet marketing. An informative and regularly updated blog can drive and sustain traffic all on it’s own to a website. Reason enough for every online business firm to have a well maintained blog in it’s repertoire.

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