How to Promote Your Brand Locally

Promote Your Brand Locally

With the convenience of the Internet to target the entire online market, we tend to forget about the audience on our doorstep. If you are selling your products and services remotely, you may not consider your neighbours to be a big enough group to target. However, promoting in your local area can bring huge benefits to your business, raise your sales, increase word of mouth recommendations, and make your business the “go to” store within a twenty-mile radius. That is a potential customer base of hundreds of thousands.

Branding Locally

Although your website is attracting thousands of visitors from all over the globe, but there are many people who prefer to choose a service provider that is close to their home, as no marketing can develop trust like a physical company can.

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Targeting Locals Online 

As Google has already released a separate algorithm for local searches, you can optimize your website for local results. The location and distance are the key part of this search algorithm. Therefore, if you have not submitted your location details yet, then have it done to get rankings for local search queries. You can target every town locally, ensuring that whenever a local person needs products you sell, you are the one they choose.

Traditional Advertising

Many businesses assume that with the internet on the go, there is no need to use traditional advertising methods. The reality is that offline marketing can increase your sales as much as more than 50% of the power of your online marketing. This is because not every customer is ready to share crucial payment and personal details or to trust the virtual store that they cannot touch and see.

Once they are aware about your tangible store, it be less of a concern for them – whether they are to buy from the physical or online store. They will stick to you because they know you will always be a few miles away, if anything does not work out the way it was supposed to be. There are many ways to promote your business offline, including billboards, posters, or newspaper advertisements. Choose the one that works well with your business’ budget.


Canvassing is one of the best ways to target the local customers. Simply design a leaflet that is short and to the point, highlight any special deals and offers, make it look attractive, and finish it with your business website, store address, and contact information. Then, go for a long ride, and post it in every letterbox you pass by. You will start seeing results even before you reach back to your store.

Have a Get Together

Invite the locals for a drink or nibbles on an open day to spread the word. If you’ve been in the business for a while, consider holding anniversary or milestone celebrations. This is a great way to market your business, secures a good impression, and allows you to build relationships with your new and old customers. If your budget allows, organize occasional parties or workshops for your customers, which might encourage others to be a part of it.


Involve Yourself

Participate in local communities and meetings, where you can connect with different people. They understand the impact of building a brand locally and know that by being a part of the community, you will be considered a reliable and trusted provider. You can even offer to raise funds for local school or church, by letting them know you will donate a fraction from every sale.

The community spirit is still as much effective as it was in the past. When given a chance, locals would embrace the opportunity to contribute to their neighbourhood. By utilizing this, you can promote your brand locally using the best customer service strategy known to humans yet – the personal touch.

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    While participating in local communities is great, it’s even better to be able to move these conversations online. One strategy is to get your local customer base to visit your community and leave reviews there. (Sites such as can facilitate in this matter.) Basically, if users have questions, they will ask them. If they have gripes about your business, you can address them there, too. When you have an active (or semi active) community going, Google will start picking it up, as well.

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