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Social Media Trends to Market Your Brand for 2015

Social Media Marketing December 31st, 2014


As the new year approaches, companies are rethinking their marketing strategy. There have been a large number of marketing trends that have helped businesses to increase their customer base and do well among the different social media platforms in 2014. Online industry is constantly changing and as we begin 2015, it is important to familiarize yourself with the social media trends in the coming year.


Social Advertising

The social advertising trend of auto-play video advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat will continue in 2015. New and updated advertising channels can help focus on the targeted audience to build your brand. If your social media marketing strategy is based on the following aspects, you can easily attract the attention of your target audiences:

  • Specific, personable advertisements
  • Engaging, informative, and interesting content
  • Rich video media
  • Closed links with other channels

In 2015, remember to integrate your social media marketing strategies with relevant marketing resources to increase your customer base.

Mobile Revolution

In 2014, there was an important change with website designs. Companies began using responsive website to allow their websites to be compatible with mobile devices. As the usage of mobile devices increase, responsive websites will be even more crucial for marketing strategies in 2015. Therefore, it will be extremely important for companies to create responsive websites to cater to the mobile traffic needs.


Video Content

Video sharing via Snapchat, Vine, and Hyperlapse would be offering two major benefits to users in 2015. First, storytelling sessions would become easier as audio-visual file can create an easy to understand visual of your messages. Also, you can target a large audience base.  However, the most powerful video sharing platform is YouTube. With YouTube being the 2nd most used search engine, the creation of strong video content can benefit your company. This means, creating useful, engaging, informative, and creative videos that can catch your audiences attention. When considering video content for your marketing strategy, remember to provide high-quality videos that fit with your company goals, values, and strategies.

Content Marketing

Content marketing have always been an important strategy for marketing. More than ever, businesses will be required to write unique and interesting content that can engage and convert their visitors. Continue to develop engaging articles that offer valuable content for users. With research being so easily accessible, it will be extremely crucial to produce information that are true. Therefore, write precise yet informative content for your website to stay ahead of your competitors.


The Influence of LinkedIn

LinkedIn made it big in 2014 and its popularity would continue to rise in 2015 as well. Being a prominent platform, it helps employees and employers to follow up on different job posts and articles. This platform also allows users to showcase their skills and share their ideas with a base of 300 million+ users. Pulse has allowed users to post articles regarding their industry and expertise.

LinkedIn will be a great place to continue promoting your personal brand. Although it is difficult as a company to generate leads from LinkedIn, the use of your personal brand to promote your company can be very useful. Take advantage of Pulse on LinkedIn to create useful information that reflects your knowledge, which in turn can reflect your company’s. For many B2B companies, consider using LinkedIn to connect with potential prospects.

The Brand Value

With the growing competition in the industry, consumers can expect better services at reasonable prices. In 2015, brands need to offer better and meaningful services to retain their customers. There would be an increase in customer expectation, which will cause an increased need for awareness and reach regarding products and services. In fact, with the continued use of Internet and research for company reviews, companies are forced to be on their toes and ensure strong customer experience. Therefore, it will be important to have strong customer services and well trained staff to provide exceptional customer experience that can retain customers.

Social Media Engagement

In 2014, companies have shown an increased use of social media platforms to speak to their customers. Whether it may be replying to consumer’s dissatisfaction, complaints, or even compliments and praises on their products, social media have allowed an easier way for interactions between the company and customers.  Whether you have a small company or a well established enterprise, connecting with your customers on social media is one of the best ways to improve engagement.

Facebook will be launching their call-to-action button in 2015. That is only one of the many changes in social media we will be seeing this year. With the continued growth of social media, companies will need to stay updated to stay competitive.

Which trend will dominate 2015?

Post By John Pereless (1 Posts)

John Pereless writes for Best Web Experts covering the latest trends from all things relating to web services and mobile apps.

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John Pereless writes for Best Web Experts covering the latest trends from all things relating to web services and mobile apps.
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Social Media Trends to Market Your Brand for 2015

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