Google Releases Top Searched Terms for 2009

Google Releases Top Searched Terms for 2009

Google Releases Top Searched Terms for 2009In the usual manner close to the year end Google has released their 2009 Year-End Zeitgeist lists of the most popular searches for 2009. This year, in the global segment,  King Of Pop Michael Jackson is the most searched query. As millions of fans bid adieu to  the pop icon Michael Jackson, this is a silent  tribute to the departed pop icon  who made a long lasting impression on millions around the globe. Keeping away Michael Jackson’s unsurpassable popularity, this is an example of  how popular icons can create influence on searchers.

Facebook landed comfortably in the second spot among the global rising terms, while, being touted as 'Spanish Facebook' Tuenti landed in the top #3 position on the fastest growing list. This time Google added top searches by city too.

Global Search Category Data

Here is the 2009 zeitgeist global list.  Not sure what something is?  Click on the links to find out!

   1. michael jackson 
   2. facebook 
   3. tuenti 
   4. twitter 
   5. sanalika 
   6. new moon 
   7. lady gaga 
   8. windows 7 
  10. torpedo gratis

Zeitgist list

Fastest Falling Search Terms

It is quite surprising that U.S. President Barack Obama spotted under the fastest falling global list as #4 . Have a glance at the ‘Fastest Falling’ search terms:

  1. beijing 2008
  2. euro 2008
  3. heath ledger
  4. barack obama
  5. amy winehouse
  6. kraloyun
  7. dailymotion
  8. bebo
  9. wii
  10. emule

Top Searches On Google From Canada

This year, Canadians used internet mostly to learn about the changes underway around the world. Social tools comprise many of the year's most popular and fastest-rising searches, in addition to local services such as weather, classifieds, and maps.  The surging social bookmarking site ‘Twitter’ captivated the minds of Canadians and is the No: 1  fastest growing search term in the Zeitgeist for Canada.  Are Canadian folks turning a bit tech-savvy? Seems so,   ‘Blackberry’  became the second most searched term in the Canadian list.  Michael Jackson also landed in the #9 berth on the fastest growing list.

Here is the data for the ‘fastest growing’ search terms in Canada! 

  1. twitter
  2. blackberry
  3. yahoo mail
  4. accèsd
  5. craigslist
  6. natasha richardson
  7. justin bieber
  8. new moon
  9. michael jackson
  10. google street view

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  • avatar

    Yes of course, the Zeitgeist list is a good reference for getting to know the diverse searching patterns across the different corners of the world.
    Sad to see the Prez’s name was in the falling list…Guess it has nothing to do with his popularity or actions. Probably because of the constantly changing searching trends of users around the world.

  • avatar

    Its interesting to note the trends of the most popular and not so popular terms around the globe. Its an eye opener to know about terms I have not heard of and helps me understand that North Americans are getting tech savvy 🙂 That is some good news.

  • avatar

    Looking into the regional wise search queries it seems googlers in 2009 were more interested in social networking than anything else.

  • avatar

    Not surprising, it would be Michael Jackson!
    Seeing the great variation in search queries among the various geo zones leaves a feeling that searchers are getting more and more regional.

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