Google About to Buy Twitter?

Google About to Buy Twitter?

Google TwitteringCould your next Tweet come with the Google brand attached to it? 

Are Google Adwords content match advertising about to appear next to your Tweets?

There's rumours coming out this morning that Google may purchase Twitter.  The deal is rumoured to be worth $250 million. This would mark the second time Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have done business with Google, having previously sold blogging software Blogger to Google five years ago.

Twitter feeds have been appearing in some Google search results, and developers have been adding plug-ins for browsers such as Firefox that add Twitter feeds to search results. This shows the incredible power Twitter has added to the social marketing and web marketing arenas.

Biz Stone himself has acknowledged the talks.

Watch for more on this story as it develops over the next few weeks.

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    Google should buy twitter because it naturally complements their existing search database. If they also offer enhanced targeting of twitterers to AdWords advertisers, they’d have great synergy.

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    Google obviously has killed another serious competitor with this purchase and that too at a pittance considering Twitter’s market valuation. I had on an earlier occasion read an article that preliminary discussions were on between Google and Twitter about real time search and “product stuff”only and that Google would be using Twitter to sell AdSense ads. It was also reported that Twitter was aware that Google was keenly eying Twitter and if serious proposals were made the asking rate would be in the region of $1 billion. Google bargained well to settle at $250 million.

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    Buy Twitter so they can build an Android client? I don’t think so. They can do that without acquiring it; what they want is insider access for search and ads, as what Google always want. This has a brighter side, maybe it will weaken the recession beast!

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    Matt its speculation only, but people are running after it. One of the strong reasons for this buzz is many believe a Google-Twitter deal makes sense since Twitter has the potential to take a bite out of Google’s search business. I guess Google grabbing Twitter makes more sense than Google acquiring YouTube where they still don’t have a proper business model to monetize. With Twitter it’s basically what Google does best – search.

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    Its sheer business, and thats what Google does. I am bothered about the user experience, remember when google acquired YouTube all the fun was flushed out of it and now all they care about is money. Now it is functioning better but the user happiness has gone. Google had ripped youtube’s heart out and made it mechanical. Will the same fate await for twitter too?
    Now Twitter is giving us simple urls for our account – but if it reaches google- oh gosh I cannot think of it.

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    Why is Goog is interested in the ever popular microblogging service-Twitter? It is obvious, Google ‘Android’ software gets more demand as Twitter is strong in its phone users. No wonder why google might be interested in buying twitter.

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    Friday buzz was about this topic. Many bloggers even news channels were bombarded with the news – Google is in the last stage of talks to acquire twitter. Certainly sounds exciting, at the same time reminds me of the comment made by Eric Schmidt about Twitter-‘Twitter is the poor man’s email service’.

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