Are Your Internet Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

Are Your Internet Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

Many business owners try to do their own Internet Marketing, or they use a cousin or the teenager next door! Many get frustrated and don’t even know the difference between some common terminologies and products. A common question I get asked time and time again is this:

Is Google Analytics the Same as SEO?

Google Analytics is not Search Engine Optimization. It is a free analytical tool you can get from Google once you register. Each website you have will be given its own unique Google Analytics registration number. You have to copy and paste a snippet of code into your website before Google Analytics can start to work. Once active, you can track all kinds of activity and interaction on your website.

How is Google Analytics Useful to You as a Business Owner?

It lets you see an abundance of statistics about how users interact with your website. Google Analytics allows you to better understand and analyze how your site is working, and, how it is not working. Using Google Analytics will not advance your SEO rankings. In order to do this you need a well-executed Organic Optimization (SEO) Plan. Focusing on keywords and the keywords in your web content is key here. In addition to Meta Tags there are other critical tags contained within your web page that do count highly and make the difference between being on page 1 or page 200. There are also recurring tasks that can be done, such as link building that are also beneficial to your overall rankings. How Can You Learn Search Engine Optimization? The sad truth is, you need to know a lot to know about correct Search Engine Optimization techniques and you need to know how to read the analytics data correctly so you can modify your SEO Plan throughout the lifetime of your website. SEO and Google Analytics are fluid and ever changing, you need to keep up with the changes in order to Rise To The Top.

It’s OK To Ask For Help With Your SEO

This is a challenge for most business owners, because you want to do what you do best… run your business – and not have to worry about figuring out methods and ways to drive traffic to your website. That’s where we come into the picture. At TechWyse, we have a team of Internet Marketing Specialists, comprising of: Marketing Solution Specialists, Project Managers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Organic Optimization Gurus, Pay Per Click Gurus, Social Media Gurus, and our own in house platform called AdLuge with is part of our Ultimate Measurement Platform. With our expert team and and the industry’s best tracking / CRM tool, there isn’t another Internet Marketing company that leverages technology and gives you complete transparent results, where you can see the exact return on your marketing investment. If you are not getting the kind of results you want from your current Internet Marketing Program, you owe it to yourself and your company to contact us at TechWyse, where we will turn your Internet Marketing Expense into an Internet Marketing Investment.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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