A Guide to Finding Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

A Guide to Finding Your Next Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is a process that requires lots of effort, research, and due diligence. Don’t be dazzled by fluffy pitches and company mascots; there are key factors that make an agency smart. Let’s explore what you will need to know before picking your next digital marketing partner.

Top 10 Qualities of a Smart Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

1. They Aim High

A great agency won’t promise you the moon and stars, but they will aim that high. Their plans are strategic and based on data the team aligns itself with clear goals and objectives. They leverage their expertise for optimal results. Top digital marketing agencies in Toronto are typically home to smart and ambitious teams that strive to break the mold and keep up to date on emerging trends.

2. Powerful Team All Around

What makes a successful marketing agency is a team. Savants from an assortment of facets come together to produce great work with strong results. A successful marketing agency is a place where copywriting, social media, SEO, PPC, and website designers and developers are under one roof, collaborating to reach a common goal.

3. They’re Good Listeners

Great marketers will make themselves available to their clients with open communication that’s responsive and caring. Your calls don’t go unanswered and your emails are replied to in a timely manner. We’re in the people business, successful agencies operate on that basis.

4. They Come Case Study Ready

Think back to the initial research you conducted for your current digital agency. Did you look for past achievements and case studies? A great team will have the medals to prove it. It’s an easier decision to make when the results are in front of you.

5. They Provide Recommendations

Businesses today are looking for agency partners who can take control of the digital marketing roadmap and lead a successful initiative to reach an objective. They come to review meetings prepared to share strategic insight aimed at optimizing results. Quarterly Business Reviews are a great way for agencies to learn more about the client’s bottom line goals so that they can take a calculated approach to scale their business.  

6. Fluent in the Right Tools

They have access to the best tools in the industry and know how to use them to your business’ advantage. Digital agencies should know these apps inside and out. Look for an agency who is a certified Google Partner.

7. They’re LinkedIn Friendly

Great B2B marketers recognize and utilize the best platform for their business. For agencies, that would be LinkedIn they have the highest percentage of lead generation in that space. It’s also a great way to scout the agency, you can learn a lot about a business from its LinkedIn page.

8. Masters of Data

One of the backbones of a great digital marketing agency is their competence and expertise in providing accurate data to their clients. Marketers deal with data on a daily basis; it’s something to be mastered by a great agency. The will know how to extract, analyze, and effectively tell a story using the data at hand.

9. With or Ahead of Trends

The digital world is fast-paced and waits for no one. Elite marketing agencies, on top of learning new trends, are also competing to evolve the digital marketing space. This could be through new strategic and execution approaches or even creating proprietary tools like CRMs to help their clients keep a tab on new business. They keep up with ever-changing algorithms and embrace new digital marketing trends.

10. Masters of Execution

What’s the use of a great strategy without stellar execution? Great Marketing Agencies know how to put theories to work and get results. They can foreshadow how successful their implementation will be and are keen on coming up with possible obstacles they may face along the way. Being prepared with solutions to possible speed bumps keeps them ahead of the curve.

How to Find a Smart Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

Hiring the right team will take time and effort on your part, but putting in the legwork will allow your business to reap the benefits in the short and long term. Here are some tips for hiring the right marketing agency in Toronto.

Say No to Fluffy Pitches

The key to great performance is strategy and execution. Be mindful of pitches that promise your business a trip to the moon and back. Find a digital marketing agency with proven expertise and a successful track record.

Don’t Regret Not Asking for References

Never fear to ask for track records. This is one of the best indicators of a great agency. The most helpful references would have faced the same issue as your business, are in a similar industry/serve the same demographic, or has undergone the same solution you’re being pitched.

Put in the Hours to Study Their Efforts

Agency sites typically showcase badges of honour on an ‘Our Work’ page. Browse the selection and understand the process behind the achievement, it will give you an idea of the level of service they’re capable to provide.

A client’s goal is simple; they’re looking for stability with a digital marketing agency that understands their business goals, provides open communication and delivers what’s promised. At Techwyse, we have a carefully planned process called the Smart Plan Cycle. We have the team to provide quality service to all our unique clients with transparency and efficiency.

Visit our Services page for more information about what we do and how we can help your business flourish in the crowded marketplace that is digital marketing.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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