5 Skills Every Link Builder Should Have

5 Skills Every Link Builder Should Have

Marketing is the spine that holds up companies that work with clientele to uphold their profits. Digital marketing serves the same function on a larger scale thanks to the reach it lends its users. The digital world is global, making it an ideal platform to reach people from all across the world and do business with a wider range of products or services. 

This is where web links take the stage on this global range, or link building, to be more specific. Search engine optimization is used in digital marketing to increase a platform’s search engine ranking. In other words, it will appear higher up on the search engine result page when a particular similar keyword is searched by an internet user. 

Algorithms are the prime determinants of these rankings and increase a domain's authority if more valuable links are involved. The reason link building is so important is because it increases local and global popularity for a brand, such as Lensa, the quality the brand is viewed as, possible sales, and so on. 

Marketing needs five main aspects to a successful marketing project. The first is creating demand for what you are selling and then providing information about said product. The next thing that comes is the economic aspect of demand and supply, which should improve the lives of customers. Lastly, you must achieve higher sales with your strategy. 

People who are link builders are in charge of this marketing task and need certain skills to successfully complete their jobs. Here are five ways you can become a better link builder: 

Infographics and Knowing How to Use Them

Infographics are pictures that aid readers in the comprehension of the information that is being shared with them. They are used on every website but have gained new importance thanks to SEO marketing. Infographics used for this reason can only become useful for both parties if you don’t embed them into your website but keep the image linked. 

Infographics increase viewership by being eye-catching and a simplified way to understand the concept your brand is trying to share. According to Hubspot, using infographics in your articles can increase viewership by 94%, making it a good strategy for S.E.O. building. 

Infographics can be used for all types of marketing since the human brain is drawn to images no matter the age, gender, background, and so on. For example, if you are marketing for an educational website, you will use infographics to convey the information in a quick and understandable manner.

To make infographics useful, you need to use the image URL to credit the original platform and person it is from. This URL counts as a link that can aid as an extra boost toward your link-building project.

Competitiveness and Using Competitive Links

Research should be the base of all decisions for a firm, especially for one focused on marketing, which bases its success on user feedback and viewership. With so much market research available, a link builder’s job can become easier than ever before. 

Your top competitor is probably in the same field as you, meaning they will also be using links that are as similar as yours. This creates an opportunity for you to observe who they are attaining their links from and devise a plan to get the same or similar ones. Additionally, you should check how many backlinks different authentic websites use and where the links are from to determine how to successfully mimic competitors’ links after seeing them succeed.

You can start by contacting parent companies or the companies related to the links themselves on whether they would like to connect with your website. If yes, you will discuss the terms through which the backlinks will be added, such as the form of media it will appear in. 


Strengths in Guest Posting and Writing

This is the third most popular strategy used by marketers to achieve a decisive outcome with popularity. Guest posting works in a way where a positive exchange is made between two parties. One party gives a good piece of content for the other to use while also adding their own link to the piece. The other party, in return, gets quality content for their platform.

Guest contributions are harder to come by due to the large influx of viewers seeing the option to write something. SEO requires you to sift through many received articles to find ones worth your website. 

The way to succeed in guest posting is by offering strong offers to companies and writers. Remember to start your portfolio through small blogs and other humble platforms for healthy and constant growth in viewership.

Social Media Knowledge

If you are trying to max out your marketing, you are probably already using social media as a promotion platform for your content. Adding your link to the company’s different platforms allows more people to see your page and click on the link. 

This strategy does not use search engine optimization to gain traction since search engines use two specific categories for these links: nofollow and dofollow. The links found in social media are classified as nofollow by these platforms. This doesn’t mean they aren’t useful though, since more engagement on a website can also boost authority in a general SEO way. 

By solidifying your brand on other platforms, you can gain viewership and popularity from different areas of the internet, making your strategy more successful and giving the brand validity.


Know How to Prioritize

With marketing, relevancy comes first. This is also why SEO works as well as it does when used correctly. You need to be able to identify the intent of the content and filter out weaker links just by looking at them. Prioritizing better links is a surefire way to increase the relevancy of your website and impress any search engine algorithms. 

You can gain a better understanding of the effect of your chosen links by putting yourself in the shoes of users seeing your content with links. The skill of prioritizing also creates a cleaner internet space for everyone since you are focusing on whatever is related to your company.

You can also increase the chances of the links being clicked on by having the most relevant and interesting ones earlier on in your blogs or website content.  


Link building might seem hard to start, but it is, in fact, a breeze when done with the right ideologies in mind, such as the need for relevancy or the critical thinking that is required to solve authority link scarcity. 

It is a great way to improve Googe analytics and increase your brand validity on a global scale. Your reach also increases with strong links, making it an optimal choice for companies who want to expand from a local area. 

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