5 Tips to Upgrade Your Shopify Site

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Shopify Site

Shopify has changed the game for e-commerce, onboarding hundreds of thousands of businesses in the last year. However, a lot of them are not using their sales funnels effectively and end up remaining stagnant for a prolonged period of time. 

Luckily, I have five tips for your online business that will (hopefully) help you generate more sales and grow your brand.

   1. Your ‘About Us’ Page has a Major Impact

A very common misconception of online businesses is that they are just a storefront with a bunch of SKU’s and a price tag. That’s simply not the case.

According to Shopify’s Customer Trust Checklist, having a strong ‘About Us’ page is essential for making a sale. Factors like sustainability, shopping local, and philanthropy contribute to sales rather than hinder them. 

If your ‘About Us’ page is non-existent or has a few sentences and a picture, the sales won’t be coming in anytime soon. First impressions are everything so try posting a picture of yourself and your team and draft up an honest, heartfelt message about why you’re in business and the reasoning behind selling your specific products or services.

    2. Easy Navigation

Making sure your layout is clean and crisp, as it makes for a better user experience. If you are sending your potential customers all over your site, the bounce rate is going to be higher than the sell rate.

Having well-thought-out categories and dropdown menus will allow your customer to spend less time searching for products and more time adding them to the shopping cart. Your pages should also load at a fast rate. 

Your internal linking is absolutely crucial so be sure to quality check all of your links after you make an update. Also, having a strong message above the fold will ensure that customers are absorbing your brand and messaging before exploring your product.

    3. High-Quality Photos, Please

There is nothing less trustworthy than a grainy, low-quality photo with scratchy-looking copy and a terrible call-to-action. Making sure you have high-resolution photos will tell customers that you are serious about what you are selling.

Proper tags are essential for Search Engine Optimization on both Google and your storefront, so make sure your SKU’s have as best a description as possible. 

Having multiple pictures for each item is also a must-have when creating your store or uploading a new product. If you need high-quality images for a homepage or category page, try Shuttershock or Unsplash to upgrade your photo game.

   4. Google is Your Best Friend

If your Shopify store does not have a Google My Business showcasing reviews and linking your products, you’re  missing out. Local SEO optimizes your business to provide instant information for local consumers searching for your product or services. GMB also allows you to link your social media and provide posts and updates similar to Facebook and Instagram. 

Positioning your products with Google Shopping Ads and a strong Paid Media strategy is another way to beat the competition. The right keywords will put your product right at the top of the search results and, more importantly, put the consumer in your store. 

   5. Take Advantage of the App Store!

You read that right, Shopify has an App Store. From linking social media to product reviews, to landing page builders the Shopify App Store has something for every business. Before your next update, make sure you take a peek at all the options you have available to you. 

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    Very well written article.

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    “Nice info!”, You should make a few changes to your Shopify site before launching it. One way to upgrade your store is to change its theme. While many store owners will do this to increase their website’s visibility, keeping things simple will increase your customer base. For example, you can switch the background of your shop’s home page to a different color. This is a great way to add some color to your site without overdoing it.
    Thank you for taking the time to leave such good information!

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