July 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

July 2009 Rise To The Top Wrapup

It was a very eventful month in the search engine marketing world in July 2009.  This particular month will be remembered as a month laden with a great deal of innovation to the online marketing world and ground breaking partnership.

July 2009 Internet Marketing News

Fun Fact of the Month

Here is something quirky that we found.  Try typing in “Search Engine” into both Google and Bing and you will notice some weird stuff.

When typing “Search Engine” into Google there is no sign of the Google website organically on the first page.  Dogpile (who uses that?) and Bing are both in the top 3.  DOH!

When typing“Search Engine” into Bing we see no mention of Bing on the first page but once again a link to Dogpile is number 1.

Hey at least the search engines arent being biased!

Conversion Friendly Website Launches in July 2009

Surgical Weight Loss Centre


This was a strategic project.  After launching a fantastic corporate website in December branded after the clinic, we did not want to lose any of the attention that the Surgical Weight Loss Centre’s informational website was getting.  As such we rebranded their informational domain to match the site found at www.swlc.ca.  The result is a more than acceptable carry over of the new SWLC online identity and an easy to read informational website on the lapband system.  Nice job!


New Haven Mortgage Corporation

New Haven Mortgage by TechWyse As a leading mortgage broker in Ontario, the New Haven mortgage website was built to match an existing corporate identity package.  The goals of this site were to reorganize the previous site with a fresh look that would convert site visitors into leads.  The site was an educational process for the client and we are proud to finally get launch this site to the public.  Buying a house anyone?

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    Yes DJ, It’s been a year in the making, and now finally the teaming up of two search giants was the news of the month. For sure this won’t help them dethrone Google from the search summit, but the deal gives them a real opportunity to compete at least.
    Impressively designed web sites! Fitting to the businesses engaged by them. Good work and way to go.

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