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Amazon PPC Advertising

Over the last several years, Amazon has seen tremendous growth in Canada and the US as more and more people flock towards making purchases online versus in-store. More and more businesses have joined the Amazon Marketplace with over 9.8 million sellers worldwide, of which 1.9 million actively sell on the marketplace.

With so many sellers on a platform, it can be challenging to climb to the top and get noticed. As Search Engine Optimization and Paid Ads management has remained important for Google, product and store optimization for Amazon is becoming more important each day.

Do you want to drive targeted traffic to your Amazon listings and increase conversions? At TechWyse, our online advertising experts have been helping businesses grow online since 2001. Contact us today to learn more about how our Amazon Advertising services can help your e-commerce business succeed.


How Amazon PPC Advertising Works

Amazon has a paid platform that allows a user or business owner to promote their products or brands above regular listings. Products that are promoted show up at the top of the page above other organic product listings, much like Google Ads.
Amazon Ads look very natural as they are displayed like a regular listing, but with the addition of a “Sponsored” tag.

Look at the search below for a teddy bear. The top fold is taken up by sponsored and branded ads. Using Amazon Ads with TechWyse, you will be able to get on the top of Amazon with your products!

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Reach More shoppers with paid amazon advertising

Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce search engines where people search for the best product to suit their needs and wants. With so many products and brands, some companies may not get the chance to show up in search results.
With paid advertising on Amazon, we can get your products to the top of Amazon product searches. We’ll do the keyword research and optimizations so your products get seen before anyone else’s.

Paid Advertising campaigns on Amazon

Amazon works the same as Google where keywords can be optimized for and bid on to ensure you show up on the top of Amazon search pages. It is broken into three major campaign categories to pick from to promote your products to the top of search pages: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display.

Keyword and ASIN-targeted ads
Promoting individual products

Sponsored Product campaigns are the most popular ads to use on Amazon. They consist of keyword and ASIN-targeted ads (similar to Google AdWords) that allow us to promote your individual product on Amazon search results and product detail pages.

Promote up to 3 products
Custom landing page

Sponsored Brand campaigns allow you to promote up to 3 products at the top of the Amazon search results with a custom headline and brand logo. You can direct customers to a custom landing page or to your Amazon Stores page.

Customers straight to product details Remarketing opportunities

Sponsored Display ads are perfect to get customers directly to your product’s detail page. With these ads, we can deliver the most relevant ads to shoppers based on products they visited using remarketing.

These are some of the major advertising options that are available on Amazon. Amazon is always trying to innovate and provide new options to advertise like video ads, audio ads, and Amazon live.

amazon advertising canada: Grow Your Business

At TechWyse, we help businesses grow on Amazon by getting your product in front of a whole new audience. Our paid media team can help create, maintain and optimize any type of account on Amazon. Our team and our industry leading expertise will help you grow in one of the biggest markets globally. Amazon ads with TechWyse include:

  • Account creation and management
  • Full access to Amazon ads platform and Adluge CRM system
  • Campaigns targeted at market leading analysis
  • Product management and optimization
  • Extensive keyword research
  • In depth reporting with a dedicated account manager

The TechWyse Amazon Ads Advantage

At TechWyse, our team of experienced marketing professionals will plan, launch, and optimize your marketing efforts on Amazon. Our goal is to help your business and brand grow.

Established in 2001, our skill set and services have grown with the digital marketing landscape as it has evolved over the years, allowing us to build successful Amazon ads campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re launching ads in Toronto, Canada (our home city!), or anywhere across North America, our team is dedicated to delivering measurable results for all of our e-commerce clients.



Customized social media advertising strategies can take you from having a faint digital pulse to building a thriving, highly visible brand network that inspires action. Curious to learn more? Let’s chat!

Frequently Answered Amazon Ads Questions

  • Where Do Amazon Ads Appear?

    Amazon ads appear above regular product listings on Amazon. Depending on the keyword you want to show up for, you will appear on the top of the page in a sponsored section.

  • Where Can Amazon Display Ads Be Placed?

    Display ads can be placed in two places. The first is directly on Amazon either in the right hand column of a product page or in the search directly on Amazon. The other option is for the display banner ad on websites that are partnered with or owned by Amazon.

  • Are Amazon Ads Worth It?

    Amazon ads are absolutely worth it. Amazon ads are a cost effective way to get your products in front of customers that are ready to buy. With Amazon Ads, your customers are easily able to purchase your products before they see any of your competitors products.

  • What Kind Of Businesses Should Use Amazon Ads?

    Any business can get on Amazon ads and see success. The most important factor is getting product reviews for your products. Customers make purchase decisions based on other people’s feedback and reviews.

  • Are Amazon Ads Free?

    Amazon ads are not free. Amazon ads (depending on your ad choice) works either on keywords or using Amazon ads automated platform to place your ads. You pay per click on your ad similar to Google Ads.

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