What’s new in WordPress 3.2 ‘Gershwin’…

What’s new in WordPress 3.2 ‘Gershwin’…

WordPress recently announced the release of the new Version 3.2 (this is 15th Major release after 3.1) with some new and improved features. Dubbed ‘Gershwin,’ it's dedicated to the noted composer and pianist George Gershwin.

Best key features from a user perspective:

Refreshed Administrative UI seems much simpler, cleaner and friendlier.

After the last revamp of their admin dashboard in 2008, team WP has come with an improved Young & Faster Platform! image

Some of the major changes we come across in the invigorated admin dashboard UI are as follows:

  • Changed 'Post' to ‘All Posts.’
  • Updated styles for the visual editor buttons
  • Dropped change theme button
  • Fixed pagination when searching for filtering posts and lots more…

But the new features I personally liked are:

  • Theme Options – This is a chance to modify colour scheme, link colour and layout.
  • Background – Gives the opportunity for admin to alter background image.

Full Screen Editor for Distraction Free Writing


WordPress have introduced a full-screen mode writing (zen) for Distraction Free Writing experience (DFW). This will allow the user to concentrate on writing by fading all buttons and interface elements. This is accessed via the toggle full screen mode tool in the visual editor and full screen button in the HTML editor. A much cleaner approach for editing posts/page content.

R.I.P - Good Bye to IE6, MySQL4 & PHP4

If the server doesn’t have either MySQL 5.0.15 or PHP 5.2.4 it might show an error as follows:


WordPress Officially Drops IE6!

For those who have not given up miserable IE6, this is the right time! MicroSoft too reinstates this fact with their official IE6 withdrawal countdown tool Microsoft IE count down. There is also a handy plug-in written by Ryan Duff called WordPress Requirements Check to ensure your server is geared up for WordPress3.2.

The latest version though provides Start to End-of-life (EOL) cycle support for Internet Explorer 7 and upwards.

New Default Theme "Twenty Eleven"


"Twenty Ten" has been modernized to be fully HTML5, "Twenty Eleven" is powered by with all latest theme features. This includes some astonishing features like cropping of custom image uploaded & randomly serving the image that was previously uploaded; easily showing users that can upload their ‘banner image’ or random display of images.


If you are going through latest features by comparing with old version, I am sure that you will find many more updates in this latest version. According to WordPress, the goal is ‘lighter and faster’ I feel this nearly 100% achieved. Most of the plugins including “All in One SEO Pack” are fully working in WordPress3.2, resulting fewer worries for SEO, Internet Marketing professionals. Some other plugins like Get Social & Flickr Photo Album aren't yet fully functional and will need to wait for an update.

WordPress 3.2 'Gershwin' is catching on fast and has been downloaded more than 650K times within 48hrs. With fantastic new features Version 3.2 will definitely be a great support for the both technical and non technical people. Take a look at their new features and download it now!

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