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Website Design Mistakes That Could Cost Customers and Conversions

Website Design March 12th, 2015


Website Design Mistakes That Could Cost Customers and Conversions

Website design and development is a challenging task. Some people consider “super cool” design in sync with latest trends as a winning option. On the other hand, some users believe web design should be minimalistic, devoid of all clutter, and boil down to usability.

Very often, designers get carried away in the flow of creativity and produce websites that lacks usability. However, website design is a highly subjective matter and often a debatable topic.

So, which approach works for you? How do you figure out what’s right and what’s not?
In this post, I will be discussing deadly mistakes that designers make on your site. The good news is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to avoid these mistakes. Pay close attention and try to spot out any mistakes on your website. This way, you make makes changes to your website to ensure it is optimized for customers and conversions.

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Challenging a Set Pattern

Challenging a set pattern

Don’t challenge a well-established design principle just for the sake of creativity or gimmick. Remember, users don’t have the time to decipher or search for information from layers of navigation. They are used to certain patterns in a website and don’t always like being surprised.

For instance, they’re used to finding logos in the top left of a page, an About page to learn more about your business, and a Contact page if they want to drop a quick email or call. Think twice before you deviate from the set pattern. Don’t experiment without applying any strategic thought, especially when it can risk alienating your customers.

Content is an Afterthought

Content is an Afterthought
Content is king. Think content from the word go and don’t make it an afterthought. It will determine the success of your site, increase traffic, and conversions. Ensure that the content on your site is unique and informative. Remember to write for users and not for search engine or crawlers. You want to provide valuable and resourceful information for your visitors because this way, you can rank higher in search results.

When you provide users what they want they will stay engaged for more time and your site will improve its conversion ratio. Update your content at regular time interval. Stay away from the temptation of stuffing keywords. This approach is a fad and simply doesn’t work anymore. Also, make sure your blog design is simple and legible to ensure readability and easy navigation.

Just Trying to Create a Wow Experience, Not a User Experience

Many entrepreneurs and designers fail to create user experience and instead, they focus too much on aesthetics. Website design isn’t just about creating a visually stunning experience. In fact, it’s about improving the bottom-line results and conversions. Therefore, focus on spectacular user experience. It is important that users are able to find information they are looking for at minimal clicks.

If users can’t figure out how to navigate your website efficiently, they’ll simply move on to your competitor’s website! It’s very frustrating to be forced to browse between pages to get to other areas of a site. You want your website to be convenient and user-friendly. Don’t waste your user’s time! The navigation bar should always be visible irrespective of screen resolution. In addition, your website should have very clear call-to-action button that aren’t intrusive. You want them to be simple and easily accessible for your visitors.

Overuse of Colors and Fonts

Too many colors and styles can confuse users. Your website should display stability and maturity of your organization, rather than a colorful clutter. Some designers tend to defy norms when creating websites by using different design elements for each and every web page. This could be both confusing and annoying to users. Don’t use website design to display your designing prowess at the cost of user experience. Webpages should reflect consistency and guide users.

Ignoring Mathematics

“Without mathematics there is no art,” Luca Pacioli.

Line height for text is probably the most ignored aspect of web designing. A lot of web designers and developers randomly pick a font, a size, and select a line height. Unfortunately, its approach will make your font appear busy and crowded. While thinking about line height calculator, think the Golden ratio. Without getting too much into the technical details, this proportion is considered to be aesthetically pleasing.

Chris Pearson’s Golden Ratio Typography Calculator figures out line heights in a matter of minutes.

Ignoring Mathematics

Golden ratio could be the reason behind why certain designs and font combinations are pleasing compared to others. So, get it right!

Finally – Design for Your Goals

Ultimately, the purpose of your website is to develop a strong brand and trigger responses from your target users. Stay focused on user needs and what is important for them. Remember, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, so rise above all the clutter and make website navigation a breeze.
When you keep nothing but the end users in mind, your design will be consistent with what you want to achieve.

Post By Ian Lee (1 Posts)

Ian is a Business Development Manager at Viteb Pvt. Ltd.,a leading website development agency of Singapore; having proven expertise in developing custom responsive websites & mobile applications for iOS & Android.

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Ian is a Business Development Manager at Viteb Pvt. Ltd.,a leading website development agency of Singapore; having proven expertise in developing custom responsive websites & mobile applications for iOS & Android.
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Website Design Mistakes That Could Cost Customers and Conversions

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