UI/UX Tips to Design Better Mobile Apps

UI/UX Tips to Design Better Mobile Apps

What do you notice when you open an app? Maybe the color or maybe how the app is not complex or maybe something else. Well, to give you a flawless and stress-free experience, the background is quite hectic and analytical for developers.

There are millions of apps available and coming up daily in the market and to stand in a cut-throat competition, the app is required to be different, innovative, creative and absolutely engaging. Though, the feel and look of the app top the chart.

Users want appealing visuals and engaging apps which ultimately can be done through logical and strategically placement of UI and UX. It will be not wrong if we say that UI/UX emphasis takes the app to a whole new level. Since the beginning, we are stressing more on UI and UX, but do you know what these terms refer to? Let’s figure out quickly and precisely.

What is UI?

UI refers to  User Interface and involves an app’s design, graphics, and presentation. It basically shows up the appearance of the app when a user is using the app. Moreover, it also ensures that the user can easily interact with the app without stressing more on the core issues.

What is UX?

UX refers to User Experience which basically comprises of human emotions, feelings, perceptions, preferences, choices, likes etc after using an app.

And users are always drawn by the simplistic yet correct approach of the app. Hence, for providing maximum satisfactory user experience, an app should be precisely and calculatively designed.

Now, when we are done with the basic definition of both the aspect, it is fruitful to understand that why do we actually need these elements in an app.

                                                        Need for UI/UX in an App

  • Good UI/UX design attracts a number of users
  • The first impression is the last impression, hence good UI/UX creates first impression in the mind of the users
  • Good UI/UX gets you loyal customers who will be using your app again and again
  • Enhances customer satisfaction which automatically leads to more ROI
  • Builds the brand in an effective and positive way
  • A perfect and accurate dose of UI/UX in the app can let you save time and cost, as good things do not require much rectification and correction

There are more advantages of good UI/UX in the bucket but we have highlighted the most important one in order to make you understand better about their importance. Without any further ado, let’s dig deeper to know tips for designing outstanding mobile apps for the users:

Better Mobile Apps

Simple Designs

Fancy items are generally meant for show-off, whereas simple things provide more comfort. Hence, if you are also planning to develop an app, make sure to consider simple designs.

An app with lots of clutter and chaos will make navigation difficult that will ultimately put users away from the app. Be specific and provide exceptional service to the users in order to enhance their interest in your app.


Users do want innovative and creative things, but serving them out of the box and alienated features will turn them off for using your app. It is recommended to go ahead with familiar elements like standard symbols, colors, buttons, icons, and graphics

Make your app easy and engaging and play around with familiar patterns and elements in order to gain more customers loyalty and maximum downloads


Apps are meant for the users no matter if they are using iPhone or Android phones. Hence, it is your responsibility to design the app in such a way that it is compatible with the range of devices.

It is mandatory and needs of the hour to develop the app with 50/50 split until and unless the company has a certain set of the target audience. Meanwhile, it is best to hire the known app development agency as the developers in the company can easily examine all the possible issues that come into play for various different devices.

Make Way for Information

Apps are dedicated to small screen devices, fitting in a lot of information and details in a small UI is an ultimate challenge and chaos.

Instead of filling excessive content, include lesser content along with filling the content with important keywords. Moreover, make your content accessible to the user even without a data connection.

Random Color Choices

Colors are fun but picking up any random color for your app will make it more like a digital crayon kit. All the elements in your app carry clear purpose, hence pick up the color accordingly.

Always consider, not to use too much of bright colors, totally contrasting or colors that will make readable portions difficult. Go ahead with subtle and easy colors pattern according to the needs of the app elements and features.


Users are the one who decides the fate of the app. Make sure to provide users a seamless experience. Ensure speed is the essence and soul of the app by avoiding too many complex features. Complex features always take time to load and users do not have the patience to wait long.

The faster the loading speed of the app, the more user engagement will be there. Try to simplify your design in order to eliminate any issues along with molding your ideas in another way.

Tips to Design Better Mobile Apps


Users are more prone to distractions and in order to make them stick to your app, make correct use of large visuals and formats that can ultimately prevent them from distracting.

Chaos is the situation where nobody wants to indulge in, hence, arrange the app’s content systematically along with ensuring proper spacing. 

Meanwhile, there are many firms which are accepting the proposal of the agile approach for developing an app. Hence, if you are also planning to develop an app for your business, it is often seen that an agile approach is changing the whole concept of the development of the app which is worthy enough to indulge in.

Focus, focus, and focus

It is quite true, in order to achieve something, you need to focus on the goal. Moreover, users are the master remote of controlling your app. Make sure to design your app in such a way that it focuses on the target audience.

And in order to meet the expectations of the target audience, market research is the key to all your worries. Do not forget to do competitor analysis along with digging users feedback to design your app accordingly.


Do not skip the feedback option from your app, as it is the best way to know what can be done next in your app apart from mandate changes.

By showing up the feedback option in the app, the users can easily leave feedback of their experience which will ultimately become favorable for your app in the end. 

Moreover, there is another feature called response time, which shows how long your application takes to respond. The intelligent amalgamation of these features in the app can make the app more engaging and likable for the users.


What is better than getting help in an accurate time? Well, your app is meant for the user, make sure to provide them assistance and help in case they get stuck while using the app.

User assistance and help make the navigation passage easier and smoother. Meanwhile, the features also help in solving certain issues the user is facing.

Always remember, there are millions of apps in the market and the user can make their way to them at any point in time. Hence, consider the aspect of quick help and assistance.


Though, every aspect of the mobile application is important but somehow somewhere UI/UX design is stealing the limelight.  It is like the main crux or we can say the main course of the whole app. In order to make the app successful, it is important to prioritize the UI/UX aspect more along with researching the needs and demands of the customers.

Meanwhile, hiring the best app development company can help you get the desired result you want from your app. If you have some budget constrained issues then you can go ahead with outsourcing your app development process. 

Make the wisest decision and choose the best.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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