Manage Income Tax Filing in Most Easy Way

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CompuTax is a software used for income tax returns. It is one of the most efficient software used for dealing with taxation is used for various purposes like charging TDS, preparing and filing income tax returns, ROC, Service tax and financial XBRL. It is also used for making profit and loss accounts, revised balance sheet as per the latest schedule, tax and statutory audit and many more using the software. It is an excellent suite for people working in the field of taxation such as Chartered Accountant, Tax practitioner, Tax advocate, or even a typical accountant. Moreover, CompuTax software pricing makes it a great value for money tool.

Managing Income Tax Filing

The CompuTax software is capable of managing Tax filings in the most natural way by minimising the pressure of creating extra documentation by generating import data, Form-16s, calculated tax and interests. CompuTax makes the transfer of files an easy business. Along with performing these functions, it takes extensive care of deductions, ceiling, setting off the carry forward losses and many more. It makes the preparation of income tax, wealth tax and e-returns an easy task. It also enables the users to e-fill all the returns in just a few clicks.

It is an advanced software which is proficient at picking automatically any letter received from the prospective email account. Hence, the user does not need to put up a password every time they need to log into the device. You do not need to memorise a lot of passwords at a time, and it can save a lot of time. The working structure of the software is in such a way that the master data gets transferred to the upcoming assessment year automatically. It can import the data from the balance sheet, profit and loss accounts, TDS entries, 26AS and return from CompuBal and permanent information from the XML file. It manages the filing in the following ways:

  • It has a program called CompuTDS which calculates TDS on the given data. CompuTax imports TDS entry from CompuTDS.
  • It also consists of a program called CompuBal. It imports the data like balance sheet and profit and loss from the software.
  • Calculates the tax deduction and thereon by keeping in mind various deductions, ceilings and set off carry forwarding all the losses occurred. 
  • It calculates returns on income tax and wealth tax, including e-return. 
  • It uploads the Rectifications online under Section 154. 
  • The users can file their return online without the extra hassle of visiting the official website.
  • The software can take the backup of all the information and received from the Code of Civil Procedure from the registered email account.
  • The software can transfer the master data such as name, address, PAN details, TAN, WDV automatically, of all the depreciating assets, carry forward losses, unabsorbed losses, NSC details, MAT credits etc. to the forwarding year. 
  • It calculates all the interest under Section 234A, B and C.
  • It helps an individual to transfer remuneration and other details of the partner from the firm to an individual’s personal ITR.
  • It also enhances the quality of work by importing data from 26AS [TCS / TDS/ Self Assessment Tax/ Advance Tax].
  • The software is ideal for small assessee by helping them with generating Trading A/c, Profit and loss account and automatic transfer of data for the computation of return forms.
  •  It enables auto pickup of CPC receipt date of Form V.
  • The payment of challan can be made online.
  • You can shift from One Head Income to another Head with the help of short keys.
  • The software has received some relief under Section 89 (1) & form 10E.
  • It is a complete Ready Reckoner of the capital gain index, Gold and Silver rates and Tax rates from the assessment year 1998-99 onwards.
  • The software is capable of performing Advance Tax Estimation.
  • It has hotkeys operation buttons with the keyboard. The operations can be carry forwarded without using a mouse. 
  • It can change the ‘set of order’ of the losses of the current year or the carry forward unabsorbed depreciation.


  • It keeps the investment details and transferred income in calculating and ITR of relevant Financial Year.

    Manage Income Tax Filing

Income tax filing is like reporting gross taxable income from all the different sources, claiming deductions, and finally declaring net tax liability to the authority. The process of filing return used to be very tiring, but with the advent of CompuTax, it has become easier to manage the tax filing. The method of filing return online is called e-filing. The customer also needs to keep in mind the due date of filing returns. For individuals, Body of Individuals, Hindu Undivided Family, Association of persons the due date is 31st July. Whereas for Businesses requiring TP and Audit report, it is 30h November and 30th September respectively. However, the time might fluctuate by the tax authorities. The idea of computing income tax returns is so advanced in nature.

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