Facebook Improves Usability With New Design

Facebook Improves Usability With New Design

Facebook’s New Design – I Like It!

The new Facebook layout is getting mixed reviews amongst many internet marketing and general website users today. Some people believe that the design is pushing the ‘application’ aspect of the site a little too much. My own belief about the new design is that it reflects a strong upgrade and is exactly what Facebook needed to improve usability for the web sites visitors.

Facebook is a social networking site that has exploded over the last 2 years. (if there was a bigger word I could use in the place of ‘exploded’ then I would!) Microsoft paid a staggering $240 million for 1.6% of this company for a reason.  It is not going away. Even Facebook is getting a better feel for what the purpose of this site fills. The new changes reflect the uses its users are becoming focused on.

The balance of this article describe the changes that I feel have helped improve overall usability for the website.

Top Navigation

Facebook Home Page

Like any site with strong usability the top navigation items all the most important links are at the top. Whether you like it or not, applications are clearly going to play a bigger part of this site as time goes on.


Facebook Status

Facebook is about gossip! Now the status updates not only are more prominent but there is more room to enter more information about what is current in your life. Other prominent items now include, bookmarks, and birthdays. Notably, “poking” is now a less priority. (think people were overusing this function?)


Share & Interact!

Facebook - Share & Interact

Facebook has very smartly positioned the main actionable buttons now at the very top of the screen. Think this will promote interaction on the site? Absolutely! Think Facebook will increase its already dominant status of the world’s largest photo sharing website? Absolutely!


Facebook - Personalization

Upon clicking on your own name you are then brought to your own settings. Facebook has been very smart placing a nice sub navigation for “Wall”, “Info”, “Photos”, and also the ability to customize by adding your favorite applications.

The Wall

Facebook - Wall

The wall has been promoted within Facebook. Improved sorting, improved usability and ability to respond to peoples statuses are notable improvements.


Facebook - Advertising

Advertising (in the form of pay per click and pay per impression) has become a big part of the Facebook experience. Not only can advertising be found in the live feed but small banner ads have also been moved from the left column to the right side. One subtle change that I liked occurs when viewing photos. When clicking through photo after photo, Facebook has smartly decided to display the same advertisement rather than flipping from ad to ad. (which would be incredibly distracting)


The new Facebook design is receiving mixed reviews. I believe most of the poor reviews come from people that have not yet adapted to the new design rather than people with true web usability concerns. Over time, I am certain that Facebook has placed enough research and development into their application to be certain it will improve the overall user experience.

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    Hi FlashJay,
    Thanks for the response. I actually did recant several of my comments in a later post and more specifically about the annoyance of advertising and its increased role on the site. You can view it here: https://www.techwyse.com/blog/pay-per-click-marketing/what-i-dislike-about-facebook/
    However, like anything new, I think you will find that several of the enhancements are just that – an enhancement. If you do not like them after using them for a while then hey, that is what opinions are for. Those were mine and I stick by them. 🙂

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    How you can possibly claim the new layout improved usability is beyond me. Take a course. The new site is far harder for people to use with little added benefit (for the users). Most of your so called usability improvements could easily have been added without the drastic interface and design change. The site is NOT easier to use, it is more difficult. Add on that nobody was complaining about the old interface and you are left to wonder who is Facebook catering too? The user or the advertiser (like you).

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    Yes Facebook is now highly interactive and the outlook is great! Your post prompted me to check the utilities of facebook and its really cool. The Ad move option from left to right is cool enhancement. Nice post:)

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    That’s pretty cool.
    Never really been a Facebook lover, but as the 33rd most visited site on the net, as i mentioned in my blog, it’s pretty impressive.

  • avatar

    Good opinions!! I like the new settings of Facebook. As you said it has improved its user experience further. ‘Move ads’ is really rewarding for the advertiser. In total, Facebook’s new adaptations are above mark. Thanks for taking attention to a relevant topic.

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