An Introduction to Web Analytics

An Introduction to Web Analytics

Initiation into the Intent of Web Analytics

Initiation into the Intent of Web AnalyticsThe first thing that comes to one's mind after creating a website is the number of visitors that it can generate. More important is the fact that these visitors become customers or lead subscribers. The goal should be in understanding the behavior of website customers. Our viewpoint should be in creating a lucrative occurrence on the web, and finding out how to convert these visitors into loyal customers. Web Analytics is the study of data on web traffic that is collected, and aspects of the website that work towards generating more business, which are planned and implemented.

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics programs and Web stats are premeditated to recognize the behavior of your website visitors, and convert them into genuine customers. These programs help gather valuable information to perk up your website's success on the Internet. An example would be which landing pages in a website that hold the customers' attention and entice them to make a purchase, subscribe or complete a lead form. Typically the data collected includes:

  1. Web traffic reports;
  2. E-mail response rates;
  3. Direct mail campaign data;
  4. Sales and lead information;
  5. User performance data, for example click heat mapping;
  6. Bounce Rate;
  7. Other custom financial and non-financial metrics.

Identifying Important Web Metrics

Key Performance Indicators are set usually at the beginning of tracking, and the above data is compared against those parameters to study the response of the customers and improve Internet Marketing.

So, what do we mean by Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? Fiscal and non-fiscal metrics used to measure the goals to replicate premeditated performance of an organization are KPIs. The present state of the internet business is reviewed and necessary (primary) measures are set. The process of scrutinizing KPIs in the actual business is called business activity monitoring. The advantages of leadership development, appointment, service, and approval are measured and valued by KPIs. In short KPIs work hand-in-hand with an organization's strategy.

KPIs are exclusive to a company according to their strategies. A software company should consider the marketing capacity of its software products, while a Hardware based company might consider the percentage of income from the purchase of hardware by customers. KPIs help companies to calculate knowledge-based processes and measure organizational targets.

Regardless of your web analytics knowledge base, it is essential for an organization to at least identify its KPIs. The following are some areas where KPIs can be identified:

  • Classify an apt business procedure;
  • Set clear objectives/performance requirements for the business procedures;
  • Measure qualitative and quantitative measurement of the results;
  • Compare these measurements with the set objectives/goals;
  • Explore inconsistencies and modifying processes or capital to achieve short-term goals.

Be smart and apply the acronym SMART when spotting and applying KPIs. SMART with reference to a KPI is being:

Result-oriented or Relevant

Need Help Getting Started With Web Analytics?

The Web Analytics Association (WAA) is a professional organization formed solely for Industry practitioners, dealers, consultants, educators, etc. They utilize markets, install and put into practice, consult and teach or train in the realm of Web Analytics. All organizations that enter into the field of Web Analytics are invited to represent and participate under the WAA. They are invited to:

  • Help standardize terms, definitions, and best practices used by the entire industry;
  • Control legislation that affects individuals and the Web Analytic industry as a whole;
  • Reinforce professionalism in the whole business by pioneering and putting into practice training and certification programs;
  • Promote common interests worldwide by bringing together Web Analytic experts, consultants, trainers, etc.

I have no doubt that web analytics will become the single, most important element to website internet marketing as awareness increases. Other webmaster's favorites such as SEO, SEM and advertising can only be thoroughly measured with analytic geometry.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Good introduction to Web Analytics. Analytics can be used effectively in optimizing both paid and natural search campaigns and analytics programs are excellent tools with the rich reports that they provide.

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