Google Analytics Reporting Just Got Way Easier

Google Analytics Reporting Just Got Way Easier

Google Analytics Reporting Just Got Way EasierLast week Google made some hugeenhancements in functionality to their Google Analytics product. We will be reviewing the enhancements in one at a time in separate posts over the next few weeks but for now here is a brief overview of the additions!  (in short - we are THRILLED!)

  • Alert Reporting – By far my favorite addition! Finally we have push method of tracking metrics reaching certain levels! This will minimize data loss due to site issues. There is nothing like seeing a data flatline for making my heart sink. Now we can eliminate tracking down time almost entirely. Also by creating alerts for specific campaigns we can instantly tell if optimizations changes really are doing their job! Once this rolls out.. all of our accounts will benefit from alerts, this was a feature that was lacking  and this pushes the Google Analytics product higher up the analytics food chain.

  • Increased goal tracking – Previously it was only possible to track 4 goals in a profile… a tad limiting and frustrating for customers that had more complex setups for analyzing the success of their website. Now you are able to track up to 20 goals within a separate profile!
  • Tracking code creation assistance – as experts in Google Analytics we pride ourselves in correctly setting up tracking in cross-domain situations (e.g. for sites that use vanity and subdomains). Google have added the ability to easily create customized code for sub and multi domain tracking during setup. This is great for ensuring correct implementations for those with a less technical understanding of how the tracking code works.
  • Advanced analysis filtering –  As an analyst this feature is really cool! Building on the ability to pivot data and add additional dimensions, we will soon be able to apply advanced data filters for displaying precise, meaningful reports. This means that, for example, we can refine a keyword report to show the best performing keywords (filtered by low bounce rate and higer visits), by geo location (using pivoted source dimension). In English what this means it that actionable reporting is made that much easier!
  • And last but by no means least…. Analytics Intelligence – Google has enhanced the effectiveness of their product to make it easier for the layman! By adding an intelligence algorithm you will have alerts for changes in data patterns that really mean something! This entire change will reduce the time aimlessly trolling through data and allow you to make actionable decision quicker and easier!

Google is clearly putting a stake in the ground here saying:

1) We want to help you make your website better

2) We will provide the actionable reporting you need to do so

3) We will give you the tool to do so for free!

4) We will build on our tool and make it as competitive as possible in the analytics marketplace.

Simplifying web analytics and making it easily available to the masses is a smart approach to not only sustain, but grow your market share don’t you think!

Contact us today, if you wish to ensure that your Google Analytics setup is accurate and ensure you leverage these new features to maximize the potential of your website!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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