Why Copywriting Should Be a Fundamental Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Why Copywriting Should Be a Fundamental Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Before we get into details, let’s start off by determining what “copywriting” actually is. Copywriting is writing to persuade and motivate consumers into making a purchase, visiting your website, or any other goal or CTA your promotional material is leading to.

A good copywriting strategy can help bring people to your pages, follow your pages, comment, like, send messages, share, or even better, it could lead to conversions and recommendations!

Now let’s explore the importance of having a top-notch copywriting strategy for your social media, as well as the important elements of hashtags and engaging with your consumers!

The Opening Line

Since it’s the first thing viewers see when they look at your content, a strong opening line is extremely important. Actually, on many social media platforms, it’s the only thing the reader sees before the “...more” button, so it’s important to catch their attention!

An attractive opening line will keep a consumer wanting to read more. Once they start reading your copy, they can easily navigate to your profile, click the follow button if they like what they see, scope out your products, and eventually turn into a new customer.

Let’s use a skincare company as an example of an eye-catching opener that will have consumers itching to read more. Imagine scrolling through a post where the copy in the caption reads: “You’re putting WHAT on your skin?!”. Most likely you’ll stop to read more because the curiosity will set in and have you thinking, “What’s she putting on her skin? Am I doing the same thing? I HAVE to know more!” That’s all it takes to pull in a consumer, now you have them scrolling through your page of products.


Get a Hashtag Strategy!

Did you know that a post with ONE hashtag is already 12.6% more likely to get noticed/engagements than one with none? The importance of a hashtag strategy cannot be stressed enough - and we’re not talking about just slapping on any old hashtags either, we want branded and relevant hashtags. Hashtags help bring traffic to your pages which can help increase follows, engagements, likes, and eventually - sales! #goals

Let’s use our hashtags as examples: #TechWyse would be one of our branded hashtags because it is unique to us and our brand. #digitalmarketing would be a relevant hashtag to our services. An irrelevant tag would be if we decided to slap on some hashtags related to fashion, just because they have a good reach. This would be a bad strategy.


Always Remember to KISS!

I bet that caught your attention!

What does “KISS” mean? Keep It Simple, Silly! Copywriting for social media should always be kept short and sweet, while also letting your personality shine through. If you find you’re using social media to write paragraphs, get a blog!

Since our attention spans get shorter with every year that goes by, it makes sense that most people scrolling through social media only spend an average of 0.7 seconds looking at a post, meaning, you have 0.7 seconds to show them why they need to stay on yours.

How to do that? Use a catchy phrase, a tip, or even an emoji or two. Since social media isn’t a formal space, emojis are a fun and easy way to brighten up a post and draw in a consumer.


Are You Ready to Step-Up Your Copywriting Game?

So there you have it. Simple enough right?

Copywriting doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be short and sweet as long as it grabs a reader’s attention and leaves them wanting more. Make sure to always use a strong opening line and #hashtags where you can to increase visibility for your posts. And last but not least, make use of that emoji keyboard and HAVE FUN WITH IT! Social media is such a fast-changing and fun aspect of marketing. It’s where every business is headed, and that's why you should join them in the right direction.

If you’re ready to take your business to the top and stand out with a stellar social media strategy, speak to one of our experts at TechWyse and we can get you set up and #trending in no time!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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