Using Facebook For Enhanced B2B & B2C Connections & Engagement

Using Facebook For Enhanced B2B & B2C Connections & Engagement

When trying to reach your audience, a key component to forming lasting bonds, whether they are B2B or B2C in nature is the connection and engagement. How you connect and engage your audience is crucial to establishing profitable channels for your company. Below we will go through a few examples of how Facebook advertising will benefit your business when making b2c connections:

Facebook Can Be the Face Of Your Company For B2C Connections

While many companies already utilize engagement and connection tools, very few have them work together to maximize their benefits. Facebook can give your company a necessary platform to establish who you are, what your business does and how they can offer you the benefit of their experience. One thing you should use your Facebook page for is putting your company culture on display. This will provide your audience an insight into your company and what kind of team they would be working with. Once you have created a template to showcase your company's culture, you will want to post pictures, videos, articles and other pieces of media that will speak directly to your target audience. This should be utilized as a foundation of what your company offers to your audience.

Promote Your Business with Facebook

Once you have established what field and area of expertise your company operates in and what kind of culture your business works under, you will want to start creating valuable connections with your desired audiences. Facebook has a number of ways you can connect with your audience whether it’s through advertising, invitations or simply direct messaging. If you have an upcoming event for your company and you want to invite audience members, Facebook has options to set-up events and send invitations to audience members. Want to promote a new line of products? Facebook’s new marketplace is quickly becoming a new and trusted online shopping platform. If you're more interested in B2B connections, you can use Facebook to set-up workshops, meet and greets and other connection and engagement opportunities. Facebook should always be promoting your business, here are some examples of how to use B2B on Facebook

Facebook Targeting

When targeting potential audiences, one benefit of using Facebook is it’s targeting parameters which can allow you to target audiences based off of a number of metrics. With three main targeting parameters – Core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences – and each of those having a specific function allows for better connections than simple searches. Core audiences offers some of the most in depth targeting with options to target based on, demographics (offers extremely detailed targeting options), location, interests and behaviours. Custom Audiences is based on three audience factors, loyal and potential customers, website visitors and mobile users. These targeting parameters are excellent for those looking to create valuable customers because these targeting parameters are focused on those within your sales funnel increasing their potential to become clients. The final targeting parameter, Lookalike Audiences, is excellent for those that already have an established customer list. With a lookalike audience, you can upload a list of email addresses which use the specific target metrics of that audience to search out audiences that match.

Facebook Media/Engagement

While we have gone through targeting capabilities and other connection opportunities you can use in Facebook, one aspect we can’t overlook is the ability to engage your audience with rich media pieces – whether this is through posts directly from your page or ads created through your business manager account. Before you get into making and distributing ads, you should understand what is available to you through simple page posts. The following is a list of engagement focused posts you can use on your own Facebook page to make meaningful b2c connections:

  1. Pictures and Video
  2. Questions & Trivia
  4. Tips
  5. Calls-To-Action

Once you have a good handle on posts and how they can help drive engagement, you will want to learn which of the ad options available are what you're looking for. Fortunately, Facebook provides several different ad results depending on what you want to achieve, some of the result driven options are:

  1. Clicks to Website
  2. Website Conversions
  3. Page Post Engagement
  4. Page Likes
  5. App Installs
  6. App Engagement
  7. Event Responses
  8. Offer claims

Obviously, when selecting an ad result, you will select the option that most closely relates to your goals. So it is easy to see how Facebook can offer an incredible advantage when engaging your audience. Follow these guides to decide whether you should implement posts or ads for your next campaign.

Statistical Facebook Advantages

As we have discussed, there are many advantages to using Facebook for B2C & B2B connections and engagements – but statistically speaking there are number of major advantages using Facebook for business purposes. As it currently stands, there are over 2 billion active accounts that operate daily on Facebook. With active users accessing Facebook as many as 8 times a day, staying on the website for an average of 35 min at a time, it is clear this is one of those locations your audience spends their time online. The metric tracking offered on the platform is considered on par with Google’s AdWords. Unlike Google’s AdWords platform, Facebook’s Ad Manager account offers as much as 50% reduction in advertising costs when testing more ads and audiences – not to mention that they have a lower CPC than other advertising platforms.

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